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Fintech in London part two

We continue with our list of Fintech companies in London at Fintech Valley.  Read our previous article about London Fintech in case you missed it. 


Zopa is a London peer-to-peer lender company. Their service is available for UK residents only. Loan rates can be seen directly at their website. More information under: https://www.zopa.com

Trussle is a company that provides a platform for mortgages online, for UK residents. According Continue reading Fintech in London part two


Fintech Valley Interview – Kantox – a company profile

At FintechValley we are happy to continue introducing companies active in the industry, via our regular interviews and company profiles. Today we have Kantox, a company based in London and in Barcelona. Philippe Gelis, CEO and co-founder, was kind enough to share with us his thoughts about Fintech and some background about the company. More information about Kantox: https://www.kantox.com


FintechValley: Could you please give a short description and history about Kantox for those companies and audiences that are not familiar with the company and the products?

We believed that the financial industry, known for its opacity and lack of innovation, needed a radical change. Kantox was born out of this idea in 2011, aiming to provide currency and risk management solutions to companies, delivering technology and Continue reading Fintech Valley Interview – Kantox – a company profile

London Fintech part one

After our post about Fintech in France, we move now across the channel and present you Fintech companies and start-ups based in the english capital. Read on for our selection of Fintech companies in London.


We begin with the company Bankable, active in the payments industry. They provide, according to their website: “customised white-labeled payment solutions”.  You can read more about the specific services Continue reading London Fintech part one

Fintech events second half 2015

At FintechValley we present you some of the Fintech events that are planned for the second half of 2015. From Singapore to London, Frankfurt, Brussels to several cities in America, there are Fintech and Fintech related conferences all over the world. Read on for our selection:


A Payment’s focused event, with diverse tracks on Fintech in Asia, is the Global Payment Summit. The conference will Continue reading Fintech events second half 2015

Fintech in London

London is leading the way to become the Fintech capital of Europe. Today we present you some of the innovative companies based in the British capital: from Money transfers, Mobile Payments to Bitcoin companies. Read on for our list!


There are many Fintech companies in London covering diverse business models and niche markets. Here are the ones we have come accross so far:

The company

Continue reading Fintech in London