​Fintech events from November to December 2018

We are back at Fintech Valley and happy to present you with the upcoming Fintech events by the end of 2018. Get in touch with us if you want to add any event in our website for the rest of the year for for 2019.

Singapore Fintech Festival

Is slowly becoming a “must attend” event for Asia: the Singapore Fintech Festival will take place in November, from November the 12th to 14th. More information under:


Fintech World Forum

In one of the European capitals of Fintech, in London, the Fintech World Forum will take place from Nov the 21th to the 22nd. Read all about it under:


World BlockChain Forum

In New Your, in early November, the World BlockChain Forum will take place. Check the agenda for the 8th and 9th of November at their website:


Australian Payment Summit

In the other side of the world, in Sidney, the Australian Payment Summit will be taking place. In late November, on the 26th and the 27th. This event is from the organisers of the Global Payment Summit in Malaysia, and the European Payment Summit. Continue reading ​Fintech events from November to December 2018


Fintech Valley Interview – Raisin – a company profile

Today’s interview from Fintech Valley is with Dr. Tamaz Georgadze, CEO at the Berlin-based Fintech “Raisin”. It is a  consumer focused company and, according to their website, it is: “…the leading platform for investments throughout Europe”. You can read more about Raisin at: https://www.raisin.com 


FintechValley: Could you please give a short description and history about Raisin for those companies and audiences that are not familiar with the company and its products?

Raisin is a FinTech50 company and Europe`s leading deposit marketplace. Europe has a common market and a common currency, but it still lacks a common financial market. Savers in certain countries obtain lower interest rates than in other countries. We allow savers anywhere in Europe to obtain Continue reading Fintech Valley Interview – Raisin – a company profile

Fintech in London part two

We continue with our list of Fintech companies in London at Fintech Valley.  Read our previous article about London Fintech in case you missed it. 


Zopa is a London peer-to-peer lender company. Their service is available for UK residents only. Loan rates can be seen directly at their website. More information under: https://www.zopa.com

Trussle is a company that provides a platform for mortgages online, for UK residents. According Continue reading Fintech in London part two

Fintech Valley Interview – Spotcap – a company profile

The Fintech Interview for today at FTV is with Spotcap, a company with HQ in Berlin. They have just launched their services in the United Kingdom, and their CEO and Founder Jens Woloszczak, has shared with us some of their objectives and ideas. Read more about Spotcap under: https://www.spotcap.com

Fintech Valley: Could you please give a short description and history about Spotcap for those companies and audiences that are not familiar with the company and the products?

Spotcap is an online, alternative lender to small and medium-sized businesses. Spotcap provides unsecured lines of credit and business loans from its own balance sheet. We have developed a sophisticated and dynamic decision process assessing the real-time performance of businesses to grant short term credit lines and loans.


The company was founded in 2014, launching in Madrid in September and expanding to the Netherlands and Australia in 2015. Most recently Spotcap expanded its’ operations to the UK, opening an office in London. Over the past two years we have secured more than Continue reading Fintech Valley Interview – Spotcap – a company profile

Fintech in Latin America – guest writer

FintechValley is happy to introduce its first guest-writer article, with a relevant and trendy thematic: Fintech in Latin America. Our guest contributor is Ana Graça, a professional in the payments industry with more than 5 years experience in the region. 

Fintech in LATAM – fulfillment and promises

In a region where only 61% of the population own a bank account, is Fintech non-existent? By taking a look at the latest Fintech companies in Brazil and Mexico, one can see that Fintech in Latin America is thriving. These companies are leading the way in making financial services easily accessible to the overall population, especially to those that are excluded from traditional banking systems.

img_0308Payment solution and e-wallets have been the pioneers and now comprehend the most Continue reading Fintech in Latin America – guest writer

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