Uncommon or niche Fintech Business Models / categories


After our first and second post about Business Models and categories of Fintech companies, we will now discuss about some models that are not that common or that concentrate on niche markets.

These Fintech models are not common because the demand for their services is still not clear, or because the niche is temporary (like the gold rush some years ago), or because they focus on specific regions and countries and their needs.

The following models can be found:

– Money lending, not to consumers, but to big companies. To help with cash flow issues, finance and tight budgets.

– Fintech White label services. The categories we have mentioned in previous posts: money lending, founding, cash transfers; but as a white label.

-Banking services. Very specific and

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FinTech Business Models – or FinTech Categories part two


This is the second part of our post about the different business models or categories that exist in the Fintech business. You will find the first post here.

Previously we have mentioned the Fintech categories: Consumer Credit or Lending, Money transfer, Bitcoin and Digital Banking. We move forward now with the following business models:

Fintech category “Online Payments”

Diverse companies provide online payment processing: credit cards, online banking, prepaid cards, etc. Some are not truly innovative, but some go beyond and target previously uncovered territories or markets. It is these companies that really drive the innovation Fintech forward.

Fintech companies in payment categories cover the following: new markets (South America, South East Asia), new technologies (webcams, fingerprint, etc),  simplified POS processing (CC processing with your smartphone), risk management from different perspectives, mobile payments, etc.

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FinTech Business Models – or FinTech Categories part One


Which are the most common or most important business models for Fintech companies? Is there a list of categories? When is a Fintech company actually a FINTECH and not a regular e-business enterprise?

Some of these questions have a somehow clear answer, some do not. At least not yet. Right now Fintech is a type of e-business that evolves and takes shape, and we will have a clearer picture in a couple of years. What we can define, however, is the most typical business model or category of Fintech.

Fintech category “Consumer Credit” or “Lending”. 

This category is one of the most common, and diverse companies have been created around the world, based on this business model. In most of them it is not clear, however, who is backing them financially; not for financing their day to day work, but for the loans they provide.

It is interesting to see that there are also different versions of this business model. Peer to peer lending is one of them. Consumers lend money to other consumers, for different ends and risk levels, therefore different interest rates for the person asking for money apply, and there is more return for the person lending it.

There are also companies

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Fintech in Singapore – Gamification of Financial Education

Browsing through the different types of Fintech companies around the world, we have come across 3 companies that use gamification to teach the basics of finance, money management and investment. We are not sure if this is a mere coincidence, but these 3 are based in Singapore.


The first company we came accross is “playmoolah”. The Singaporean company put a focus on 3 different audiences: Kids, Youth, and Young Adults.  Their games are targetted to either one single audience, (ie. only for children) or also for two audiences (youth and young adults for example).

Their goal, according to their website, is “(to)…uncover the truths behind money and broaden the definitions of wealth beyond a person’s financial net worth to make wiser life decisions”.

The team behind “playmoolah” have won

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Fintech events – Singapore Frankfurt Zurich and Istanbul

Besides the Fintech events in London and the Fintech events in the United States, there are also a dozen events taking part around the world. In cities like Singapore, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Mexico City, Johannesburg or Zurich, there are also plenty of Fintech events planned.

This post was written in December 2014, and the events we have listed below are the ones that have been made public so far. Probably there will be more announced in the first months of 2015.


In Frankfurt, Germany, a Fintech event was announced for March 19th 2015. More information is available under:  http://www.fintechforum.de/

On the other side of the world, some months earlier, in Jakarta, Indonesia, on January 20th, 21st and 22nd, the Mobile Money Asia will be taking place.  More information at:              http://www.mobile-money-asia.com/

The same event, but covering the Americas, will take place in

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