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Fintech Accelerators selection

The term “to accelerate” means “to move or go faster; increase in speed” and also “to progress or develop faster”. Within the Fintech industry, today we often come across the term “Accelerator”  describing a company or organisation that is helping start-ups to turn their business idea into reality. In most cases the Accelerators offer a several week long program providing start-ups with mentors from the Fintech industry and and preparing them step-by-step to set up their company. After successful completion of the program, the chosen start-up might receive a financial aid but will also have to pass on a share of their profits to the Accelerator, depending on the program.


Fintech Valley would like to present you a selection of accelerators from the Fintech industry.

The Swedish financial services group Nordea is holding an accelerator program of 12 weeks that is starting in September 2016.

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Fintech in Money Transfer and Remittances

Money transfer and Remittance is another popular business model in Fintech. It is from Finance centres such as Singapore and London where most of the companies that focus on this kind of business model can be found. Read on for our list of Fintech companies on the category Money Transfer and remittance.

DSC_0786Azimo is a Fintech company based in London. Their website is available, it seems, in eleven languages and focuses on remittances from Europe to other countries around the world. Get to know more about them under:

CurrencyFair is an Irish Fintech based in Dublin.  They offer money transfer in 16 currencies / countries. Some outside Europe such as the UAE, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Hong Kong and South Africa.  They also have an office in Australia.  More information about them at

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Fintech Companies in Online Payments

Fintech companies, investors and entrepreneurs have realised the opportunities that lie behind the hundreds of thousands of unbanked internet users around the world. All over the world, a new company pops up every month with the promise of a new payment revolution. From the big Internet giants to the smallest 3-men team in a garage. We present you at Fintech Valley a list of 20 online payment companies that are looking to disrupt the well established payment scene.


The Singaporean based 2c2p company, provides online payments across the South East Asia region: Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Cambodia. Their portfolio of Continue reading Fintech Companies in Online Payments

Fintech in India

Indian companies and start-ups are also looking closely at the Fintech developments around the world. Just like the rest of South East Asia, India has also a booming e-commerce industry and online financial services are part of it. Here is a short list of Fintech companies providing services accross the Indian subcontinent.


Entrepeneurs and investors in India are looking at what Fintech companies are doing accross the world and are trying to replicate or adapt the business models
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Fintech in Singapore – Gamification of Financial Education

Browsing through the different types of Fintech companies around the world, we have come across 3 companies that use gamification to teach the basics of finance, money management and investment. We are not sure if this is a mere coincidence, but these 3 are based in Singapore.


The first company we came accross is “playmoolah”. The Singaporean company put a focus on 3 different audiences: Kids, Youth, and Young Adults.  Their games are targetted to either one single audience, (ie. only for children) or also for two audiences (youth and young adults for example).

Their goal, according to their website, is “(to)…uncover the truths behind money and broaden the definitions of wealth beyond a person’s financial net worth to make wiser life decisions”.

The team behind “playmoolah” have won

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