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Fintech in Singapore

Fintech events second half 2015

At FintechValley we present you some of the Fintech events that are planned for the second half of 2015. From Singapore to London, Frankfurt, Brussels to several cities in America, there are Fintech and Fintech related conferences all over the world. Read on for our selection:


A Payment’s focused event, with diverse tracks on Fintech in Asia, is the Global Payment Summit. The conference will Continue reading Fintech events second half 2015


Fintech Companies in Singapore

Fintech Valley will present you some Fintech companies and start-ups in the Asian city-state. It is not a surprise that Singapore is a Fintech hub, as it is the base for many banks operating accross South East Asia, as well as the base of Asian operations for European and American banks. Read on for more Fintech activity in Singapore.


Singapore is a natural candidate to be the Fintech capital of Asia, together with the strong and market-friendly competitor Hong Kong.  We present you below a short list of companies that have their base in the South-East Asian financial center:

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Fintech Social Money or Crowdpay – your Friends, Money and you

Fintech companies are combining the ability to crowd money for a gift or to share a bill together with social network features and the user’s mobile device. Read on to get to know more about these companies and how they achieve this.


What is the result of the combination of money transfer, mobile devices, and social networks? The answer is Social Money or Crowdpay. At Fintech Valley we are for sure not the first ones to come-up with these concepts but we want to be some of the first ones to provide you with an overview of the companies that work with these technologies.

Here is a drop down of some of them, based in

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Fintech in Singapore – Gamification of Financial Education

Browsing through the different types of Fintech companies around the world, we have come across 3 companies that use gamification to teach the basics of finance, money management and investment. We are not sure if this is a mere coincidence, but these 3 are based in Singapore.


The first company we came accross is “playmoolah”. The Singaporean company put a focus on 3 different audiences: Kids, Youth, and Young Adults.  Their games are targetted to either one single audience, (ie. only for children) or also for two audiences (youth and young adults for example).

Their goal, according to their website, is “(to)…uncover the truths behind money and broaden the definitions of wealth beyond a person’s financial net worth to make wiser life decisions”.

The team behind “playmoolah” have won

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