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Money transfer and Fintech

Fintech in Money remittance and currency exchange

Money transfer and currency exchange is a popular business model for Fintech entrepreneurs. We have mentioned diverse companies working in this category in our previous post on the topic of Fintech and remittance

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Fintech in Money Transfer and Remittances

Money transfer and Remittance is another popular business model in Fintech. It is from Finance centres such as Singapore and London where most of the companies that focus on this kind of business model can be found. Read on for our list of Fintech companies on the category Money Transfer and remittance.

DSC_0786Azimo is a Fintech company based in London. Their website is available, it seems, in eleven languages and focuses on remittances from Europe to other countries around the world. Get to know more about them under:

CurrencyFair is an Irish Fintech based in Dublin.  They offer money transfer in 16 currencies / countries. Some outside Europe such as the UAE, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Hong Kong and South Africa.  They also have an office in Australia.  More information about them at

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Fintech Social Money or Crowdpay – your Friends, Money and you

Fintech companies are combining the ability to crowd money for a gift or to share a bill together with social network features and the user’s mobile device. Read on to get to know more about these companies and how they achieve this.


What is the result of the combination of money transfer, mobile devices, and social networks? The answer is Social Money or Crowdpay. At Fintech Valley we are for sure not the first ones to come-up with these concepts but we want to be some of the first ones to provide you with an overview of the companies that work with these technologies.

Here is a drop down of some of them, based in

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FinTech Business Models – or FinTech Categories part One


Which are the most common or most important business models for Fintech companies? Is there a list of categories? When is a Fintech company actually a FINTECH and not a regular e-business enterprise?

Some of these questions have a somehow clear answer, some do not. At least not yet. Right now Fintech is a type of e-business that evolves and takes shape, and we will have a clearer picture in a couple of years. What we can define, however, is the most typical business model or category of Fintech.

Fintech category “Consumer Credit” or “Lending”. 

This category is one of the most common, and diverse companies have been created around the world, based on this business model. In most of them it is not clear, however, who is backing them financially; not for financing their day to day work, but for the loans they provide.

It is interesting to see that there are also different versions of this business model. Peer to peer lending is one of them. Consumers lend money to other consumers, for different ends and risk levels, therefore different interest rates for the person asking for money apply, and there is more return for the person lending it.

There are also companies

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