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Fintech in London part two

We continue with our list of Fintech companies in London at Fintech Valley.  Read our previous article about London Fintech in case you missed it. 


Zopa is a London peer-to-peer lender company. Their service is available for UK residents only. Loan rates can be seen directly at their website. More information under:

Trussle is a company that provides a platform for mortgages online, for UK residents. According Continue reading Fintech in London part two


More Fintech events in 2015

More Fintech events are happening around the world, and we have compiled a short list of some of them that are taking place in London, New York, Australia and Switzerland. Further events have been announced in Singapore and in the United States, but no date has been confirmed yet. Read on for our list.


In March there will be two recently announced Fintech events taking place.

The first one will happen in Sidney, Australia: the “Next Bank Sydney 2015”, on March 10-12. A 3 days conference, that actually combines
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Fintech in London

London is leading the way to become the Fintech capital of Europe. Today we present you some of the innovative companies based in the British capital: from Money transfers, Mobile Payments to Bitcoin companies. Read on for our list!


There are many Fintech companies in London covering diverse business models and niche markets. Here are the ones we have come accross so far:

The company

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Fintech Cross Promotion – Practical Case London YoYo Payments and Hummus Bros

We show you a practical case of how a London Fintech company and a Restaurant are using cross-promotion marketing techniques to increase their sales / and technology adaptation. What can other Fintech companies learn from these cases? Read on.


In London, not very far from the Bank of England, we came accross a Hummus Bros restaurant outlet (it seems they have several branches accross the city). Apart from the excellent food, what called our attention was the advertisement on the paper bag that contained the hummus: Yoyo mobile payments.

This can be a great and smart way to cross-promote and encourage the use of a new payment method and

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