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Fintech Valley Interview – Spotcap – a company profile

The Fintech Interview for today at FTV is with Spotcap, a company with HQ in Berlin. They have just launched their services in the United Kingdom, and their CEO and Founder Jens Woloszczak, has shared with us some of their objectives and ideas. Read more about Spotcap under:

Fintech Valley: Could you please give a short description and history about Spotcap for those companies and audiences that are not familiar with the company and the products?

Spotcap is an online, alternative lender to small and medium-sized businesses. Spotcap provides unsecured lines of credit and business loans from its own balance sheet. We have developed a sophisticated and dynamic decision process assessing the real-time performance of businesses to grant short term credit lines and loans.


The company was founded in 2014, launching in Madrid in September and expanding to the Netherlands and Australia in 2015. Most recently Spotcap expanded its’ operations to the UK, opening an office in London. Over the past two years we have secured more than Continue reading Fintech Valley Interview – Spotcap – a company profile


Fintech Companies in Loans, Credit, Pawning and Lending part two

We continue our report about the Fintech categories and sub-categories in the topics of online Credits, loans, pawning and lending and the companies around the world pursuing such business models. Don’t forget to read our first post on the topic, where we discussed about the following categories: online credit scoring, loans for students, and comparison websites for online loans.


A category that is not as common as peer-to-peer lending is online pawning.

Pawnhero is a Fintech in the Philippines. According to their website, they accept jewelry, luxury items and electronics.  They target only the
Continue reading Fintech Companies in Loans, Credit, Pawning and Lending part two

Fintech and Loans, Credit, Pawning and Lending part one

Without a doubt one of the most popular categories in Fintech falls around the concept of lending money. This could be in the form of a credit, of a personal loan, a peer-to-peer loan or even pawning a car. Dozens and dozens of new start-ups are created on the basis of lending money to consumers or medium and small companies. This is the topic of today’s post: which categories and subcategories do Fintech and money lending have. Read on for our analysis.wp-1455159345698.jpg

One of the categories is Loans for Small Businesses:

Iwoca, a London Fintech, provides loans of up to 100K GBP to UK-based small businesses. They also operate in Spain, Poland and Germany with Continue reading Fintech and Loans, Credit, Pawning and Lending part one