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Fintech company of the week: Mobidoo

We continue today with the FintechValley company of the week. As mentioned previously, we will choose a Fintech that in our point of view has an interesting and/or innovate product to offer to the market. (Our selection process, is based solely on our opinion, and does not involve and endorsement or recommendation of any kind).

This week we present you the Korean Fintech “Mobidoo”.

Mobidoo, has developed a “Smart Sound” technology, for, among other uses authentication, IoT, payments, or “sonic stamp”. According to their website: “it was created to connect all devices in the world. The technology, smart sound, contains and transmits information or any content through inaudible sounds enabling connection of all home appliances as well as smartphones”.

Here is a short video of their technology used for mobile payments in a Point of Sale scenario.

More information about their technology under:


Fintech in South Korea

Last week, FintechValley had the chance to attend the World Fintech Forum event in Seoul, in South Korea. It was a two-day event that covered Fintech topics from different industries: blockchain, security, peer-to-peer lending, remittance, payments, among others. We also had the chance to hear about the current status of Fintech in other countries such as in Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Israel, Japan and the Czech Republic.

In this post, we would first like to introduce to you some of the companies we came across in the event, some we have heard about and some other established Fintech-related enterprises in the South Korean market.

In a post to follow we will then discuss more in detail about the World Fintech Forum. 

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Paygate is a South Korean Fintech that Continue reading Fintech in South Korea