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Fintech companies in Hamburg 2018

We published some months ago a post about Fintech companies in Hamburg, in Germany. Today we post a second part with new finance related companies based in the northern German city. Here is a link to our first post.  We also have posts about Fintech companies in Berlin.

The portal is a B2C platform where consumers can compare diverse consumer-financing products and loans providers in the German market. Listed options are for Car loans, Personal loans, among others. More information (in German) under:

Also based in Hamburg is Tagwerk. The company provides an accounting online software for professionals in self-employment. Their website is currently in German only and focused in the German market. Check them out under:

Zinsland is a platform to invest in Continue reading Fintech companies in Hamburg 2018


Fintech in Hamburg

Berlin is not only the capital of Germany but also the capital of the highest percentage of start-ups. However, in Hamburg, just a 1,5h ride by train from Berlin, we can find more and more Fintech start-ups. Fintech Valley would like to present you a small selection of these Fintechs that are worth to take a closer look at.


Haftpflicht Helden offers a liability insurance via their app. No paperwork is involved, you can simply buy the insurance using their app in “3 Minutes” according to the official website. The insurance was developed together with the German Insurance company NV-Versicherungen. Continue reading Fintech in Hamburg