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Fintech companies in Hamburg 2018

We published some months ago a post about Fintech companies in Hamburg, in Germany. Today we post a second part with new finance related companies based in the northern German city. Here is a link to our first post.  We also have posts about Fintech companies in Berlin.

The portal is a B2C platform where consumers can compare diverse consumer-financing products and loans providers in the German market. Listed options are for Car loans, Personal loans, among others. More information (in German) under:

Also based in Hamburg is Tagwerk. The company provides an accounting online software for professionals in self-employment. Their website is currently in German only and focused in the German market. Check them out under:

Zinsland is a platform to invest in Continue reading Fintech companies in Hamburg 2018


Fintech in Hamburg

Berlin is not only the capital of Germany but also the capital of the highest percentage of start-ups. However, in Hamburg, just a 1,5h ride by train from Berlin, we can find more and more Fintech start-ups. Fintech Valley would like to present you a small selection of these Fintechs that are worth to take a closer look at.


Haftpflicht Helden offers a liability insurance via their app. No paperwork is involved, you can simply buy the insurance using their app in “3 Minutes” according to the official website. The insurance was developed together with the German Insurance company NV-Versicherungen. Continue reading Fintech in Hamburg

Fintech Valley Interview – allpago – a company profile

Fintech Valley is continuing its series on Fintech interviews and company profiles and is proud to present you herewith its fifth company. This time we move to Europe, in specific to Berlin, one of the European Fintech capitals. We would like to introduce you today “allpago”, a company that, according to their website: “offers the best conversion rates, a state-of-the art technology, and legal advice necessary for being successful in e-Commerce in Latin America.” More information at:

allpago logo

FintechValley: Could you please give a short description and history about allpago for those companies and audiences that are not familiar with the company and the products?

allpago is a PSP for the Latin American region providing all relevant local payment methods and features through one single API and platform. We have been enabling Companies like, Getty Images, Intel Security McAfee , Symantec and Teamviewer to exponentially grow their volume and conversion rates in the region. allpago is also proud to give access to all customers in Latin America to such products.

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Fintech Valley Interview – TRAXPAY – a company profile

Today we present you the second on our series of profiles of Fintech companies around the world. In this occasion we are are proud to introduce you TRAXPAY, a German Fintech with offices in Frankfurt and in Mountain View. The company provides: “…cloud-based B2B Dynamic Payments platform provides secure bank-grade and regulatory compliant financial process automation and B2B payments services to corporates, digital marketplaces, and B2B commerce networks…” More about them under:


FintechValley: Could you please give a short description and history about Traxpay for those companies and audiences that are not familiar with the company and the products?

Traxpay was founded in 2009 and left stealth mode in late 2012 with the goal of revolutionizing B2B trade to change the way companies pay and get paid, and to accelerate supply chains with faster, smarter, more transparent financial transactions. Traxpay’s B2B Dynamic Payments Platform provides the world’s only solution capable of connecting banking with rich transaction data, making it possible to execute payments and final settlement in real-time, anytime, anywhere, and with complete visibility and control for buyers and suppliers. Continue reading Fintech Valley Interview – TRAXPAY – a company profile

Fintech in Berlin

Together with London, Berlin is another Fintech city in Europe where online companies that are stirring up the Finance industry are booming. Continue reading to learn about our selection of Fintech companies in the German capital.


January seems to be a great month for Fintech in Berlin. It seems like every week a new Fintech company or start-up is being announced. The preferred business models seem to be Online Payments and Banking related businesses, but Bitcoin and Marketing are also part of the Fintech scene in the capital of Germany.

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