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French Fintech part three

Earlier this year, in July and August, Fintech Valley had already presented you several French Fintech companies and start-ups. The French market is booming with Fintechs and we can note that there is a lot of competition specially within the crowdfunding-sector.


We would like to present you with a selection of these companies we have come across:

Younited Credit (formerly known as Prêt d’Union) is a peer-to-peer platform for loans. With their service, private persons can Continue reading French Fintech part three


Fintech in Hamburg

Berlin is not only the capital of Germany but also the capital of the highest percentage of start-ups. However, in Hamburg, just a 1,5h ride by train from Berlin, we can find more and more Fintech start-ups. Fintech Valley would like to present you a small selection of these Fintechs that are worth to take a closer look at.


Haftpflicht Helden offers a liability insurance via their app. No paperwork is involved, you can simply buy the insurance using their app in “3 Minutes” according to the official website. The insurance was developed together with the German Insurance company NV-Versicherungen. Continue reading Fintech in Hamburg

Fintech in France – part two

In a first post Fintech Valley has already introduced you to different kind of Fintechs in France.

Paris is not only the capital of France but also the heart of the finances and we can see that the vast majority of Fintech start-ups and companies in France are all based in Paris. This is were the money flows.


Please note that at the time of writing this article, the websites of several Fintechs listed here were available in French language only, mainly destined to users based in France. Being start-ups, this is very likely to change in a near future.

Please keep on reading for Fintech Valley’s further selection of Fintechs in France.

The Parisian based company Continue reading Fintech in France – part two

Fintech Accelerators selection

The term “to accelerate” means “to move or go faster; increase in speed” and also “to progress or develop faster”. Within the Fintech industry, today we often come across the term “Accelerator”  describing a company or organisation that is helping start-ups to turn their business idea into reality. In most cases the Accelerators offer a several week long program providing start-ups with mentors from the Fintech industry and and preparing them step-by-step to set up their company. After successful completion of the program, the chosen start-up might receive a financial aid but will also have to pass on a share of their profits to the Accelerator, depending on the program.


Fintech Valley would like to present you a selection of accelerators from the Fintech industry.

The Swedish financial services group Nordea is holding an accelerator program of 12 weeks that is starting in September 2016.

Continue reading Fintech Accelerators selection

Fintech in France – part one

In the world of fashion, France and especially Paris is amongst the top-players. But also within the Financial sector, France is booming with Fintech companies and start-ups, from crowdfunding platforms to banking accounts. Fintech Valley would like to present you a first selection of these Fintechs, most of them based in Paris. 


The Fintech start-up Alphametry is an investment research community for market professionals. Based in Paris the company was founded in 2014. According to their website, their marketplace Continue reading Fintech in France – part one