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Fintech cities around the world

Fintech in Hamburg

Berlin is not only the capital of Germany but also the capital of the highest percentage of start-ups. However, in Hamburg, just a 1,5h ride by train from Berlin, we can find more and more Fintech start-ups. Fintech Valley would like to present you a small selection of these Fintechs that are worth to take a closer look at.


Haftpflicht Helden offers a liability insurance via their app. No paperwork is involved, you can simply buy the insurance using their app in “3 Minutes” according to the official website. The insurance was developed together with the German Insurance company NV-Versicherungen. Continue reading Fintech in Hamburg


Fintech events second half 2015

At FintechValley we present you some of the Fintech events that are planned for the second half of 2015. From Singapore to London, Frankfurt, Brussels to several cities in America, there are Fintech and Fintech related conferences all over the world. Read on for our selection:


A Payment’s focused event, with diverse tracks on Fintech in Asia, is the Global Payment Summit. The conference will Continue reading Fintech events second half 2015

Fintech in Taiwan

The Fintech phenomenon is extending throughout Asia and has also reached Taiwan. The island is normally known to house tech giants such as HTC, Asus and Acer; opposite to the major worldwide financial centres Singapore and Hong Kong. However, there are companies in Taiwan, if not many, that want to participate in the Fintech trend.


We have found 6 Fintech companies in Taiwan so far: 2 Bitcoin companies, a Crowdfunding site, 2 Payment companies and a Data security company. Only two of them focus on the Taiwanese or Chinese speaking market, with focus on Taiwan.

Webackers is a crowdfunding website, which belongs to the game developer and publisher Gamania. Whereas the site could have a focus on the games market, it also seems to be open to other projects. They seem to be concentrated only on the Taiwanese market as mentioned earlier. More information under: 

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Fintech in Berlin

Together with London, Berlin is another Fintech city in Europe where online companies that are stirring up the Finance industry are booming. Continue reading to learn about our selection of Fintech companies in the German capital.


January seems to be a great month for Fintech in Berlin. It seems like every week a new Fintech company or start-up is being announced. The preferred business models seem to be Online Payments and Banking related businesses, but Bitcoin and Marketing are also part of the Fintech scene in the capital of Germany.

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Fintech in India

Indian companies and start-ups are also looking closely at the Fintech developments around the world. Just like the rest of South East Asia, India has also a booming e-commerce industry and online financial services are part of it. Here is a short list of Fintech companies providing services accross the Indian subcontinent.


Entrepeneurs and investors in India are looking at what Fintech companies are doing accross the world and are trying to replicate or adapt the business models
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