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Fintech in Japan

Fintech Valley has recently presented you a selection of crowdfunding in Taiwan. This time, we would like to stick a bit more in Asia but move a little more north to Japan and would like to take a closer look at Japan’s Fintech companies.

Please keep on reading for a first selection of Fintechs in Japan.


The Bank of Japan has created its own Fintech Center in April 2016 “with the aim to reinforce our efforts in which the developments of FinTech will contribute to enhancing financial services and achieving sustainable growth of Japan’s economy.”

The website of the Fintech Center Continue reading Fintech in Japan

Fintech and Crowdfunding in Taiwan

With a vibrant startup-scene, Taiwan has also quite a number of  crowdfunding platforms. In this article, Fintech Valley would like to present you a selection of these companies. 

flyingV is a crowdfunding platform that was founded in 2012 and is based in Taipei. The registered users come from Taiwan but also from various other countries in Asia. To find out more about the platform, please Continue reading Fintech and Crowdfunding in Taiwan

Fintech in South Korea

Last week, FintechValley had the chance to attend the World Fintech Forum event in Seoul, in South Korea. It was a two-day event that covered Fintech topics from different industries: blockchain, security, peer-to-peer lending, remittance, payments, among others. We also had the chance to hear about the current status of Fintech in other countries such as in Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Israel, Japan and the Czech Republic.

In this post, we would first like to introduce to you some of the companies we came across in the event, some we have heard about and some other established Fintech-related enterprises in the South Korean market.

In a post to follow we will then discuss more in detail about the World Fintech Forum. 

Fintech Korea


Paygate is a South Korean Fintech that Continue reading Fintech in South Korea

Fintech Valley Interview – CashShield – a company profile

FintechValley is proud to present you the third part on our series of Fintech companies’ profiles. We move back to Asia to introduce “CashShield”, a company out of Singapore, which provides fraud prevention services “…designed for sales optimisation” with an “… optimized fraud risk algorithm…programmed to look for positive aspects in transactions, or reasons to accept transactions rather than to reject them.” Further information about CashShield under:


FintechValley: Could you please give a short description and history about CashShield for those companies and audiences that are not familiar with the company and the products?

CashShield is a real time fraud prevention solution that is designed with big data, machine learning and optimized through a self developed risk management algorithm. It was soft launched in 2013, and has gained traction since then, gaining clients from various industries from telecommunications, gaming and more. Different from traditional fraud prevention solutions, CashShield bears full responsibility of preventing fraud for its merchants, being the first in the world to provide a 100% Chargeback Protection for both physical and digital goods, as well as a fully managed service that does not require merchants to self-configure their risk template. Continue reading Fintech Valley Interview – CashShield – a company profile

Fintech Valley Interview – ROBUR – a company profile

This is our first article on a series of profile descriptions on Fintech companies around the world. Today we would like to introduce you “Robur”, a company with offices in Hong Kong and the Philippines. The company, according to their website, provides: “…a range of investment tools (that) give you an edge that will help you build a winning equity portfolio.” More about them under:


Fintech Valley: Could you please give a short description and history about Robur for those companies and audiences that are not familiar with the company and the products?

David Oak: Myself and my partner Derek are both professional equity investors who focus on making equity decisions based on sound fundamental business analysis. We found that existing products that provided fundamental data was either very expensive, or inaccurate. In addition there is a strong bias towards the US market, where data is easier to collate, where we are more interested in other parts of the world such as Asia and EU. Continue reading Fintech Valley Interview – ROBUR – a company profile