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Bitcoin and Fintech

Fintech resources to learn more about finances: Podcasts, books and Forums

Today we wanted to share with you some sources of information if you want to learn more about specific Fintech topics: payments, finances, economics, bitcoin, investment, etc. Not all of the sources we present are in English, some are in German or Spanish.

One of our favourites is Planet Money in the USA. It seems to be one of the most popular Economics podcast in the internet. It has been going on for many years already and diverse personalities from the finance and economics world have been guests in their episodes. More about them under:

Some journalists who appear in Planet Money, are also present in our next choice: The Financial Times podcasts series. They cover diverse topics every week: Economics, Politics, Currencies, IT, interviews, savings, etc. There is a paywall to enter the FT, but the podcast section is free to enter. Check it out under:

Our next choice is a book about the history of Bitcoin, which is pretty easy and straightforward to read. I actually read it in a week. The book is called: “Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money”. The book was shortlisted in 2015 by the FT as business book of the year.

Moving now to videos, and in Spanish, we recently discovered the “Podcast” series +Dividendos. They started last year, and so far have a very interesting series about investment, dividends, portfolios, cashflow, etc. If you understand the language, we recommend you to pay them a visit in youtube:

In German, English and Chinese, we have . They are a social network for women interested in topics related to Finances (Investment, Savings, Funds, ETFs, etc) and Entrepreneurship. They also have two blogs, in German, covering the same topics.

One of the best sources, and very popular, for all related to online payments it The Paypers. Based in the Netherlands, they publish diverse reports every year with the latest trends about payments around the world. More about them under:

Last but not least, another favourite of FintechValley: Finextra. You can choose a daily email with the most important Fintech news, as well as Webinars and Interviews, or single emails with the latest and most important news from the biggest Fintech players worldwide. Check them out:

Do you have any other interesting Fintech resources we should mention? Feel free to leave a message below and let us know.


Bitcoin and Fintech – why we consider Bitcoin a Fintech Business

Fintech Valley Editorial

Why should we consider Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency companies and service providers as Fintech companies? Why are they different from websites where consumers can gamble or speculate on the value of worldwide currencies (FX trading)? 


Yes, some people use Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies as a speculation vehicle. They are probably more interested in a profit than in the innovation or evolution of monetary elements. But this should not drive us to believe that these technologies are, like FX and other trading websites, the latest trick that makes people believe that they can easily make money online. At least this is not the only intention behind cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are opening the door and pushing the envelope, if not to

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FinTech Business Models – or FinTech Categories part One


Which are the most common or most important business models for Fintech companies? Is there a list of categories? When is a Fintech company actually a FINTECH and not a regular e-business enterprise?

Some of these questions have a somehow clear answer, some do not. At least not yet. Right now Fintech is a type of e-business that evolves and takes shape, and we will have a clearer picture in a couple of years. What we can define, however, is the most typical business model or category of Fintech.

Fintech category “Consumer Credit” or “Lending”. 

This category is one of the most common, and diverse companies have been created around the world, based on this business model. In most of them it is not clear, however, who is backing them financially; not for financing their day to day work, but for the loans they provide.

It is interesting to see that there are also different versions of this business model. Peer to peer lending is one of them. Consumers lend money to other consumers, for different ends and risk levels, therefore different interest rates for the person asking for money apply, and there is more return for the person lending it.

There are also companies

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