Fintech companies in Hamburg 2018

We published some months ago a post about Fintech companies in Hamburg, in Germany. Today we post a second part with new finance related companies based in the northern German city. Here is a link to our first post.  We also have posts about Fintech companies in Berlin.

The portal is a B2C platform where consumers can compare diverse consumer-financing products and loans providers in the German market. Listed options are for Car loans, Personal loans, among others. More information (in German) under:

Also based in Hamburg is Tagwerk. The company provides an accounting online software for professionals in self-employment. Their website is currently in German only and focused in the German market. Check them out under:

Zinsland is a platform to invest in real estate developments (or projects as they call them) also focused in the German market only. It is not clear if it is also available for Swiss or Austrian citizens and projects. More about them:

Payever is another Fintech company in Hamburg. They provide not only payments, but what also seems to be a backend solution that includes logistics, marketing and inventory capabilities/features. Their services are also available for the Nordic countries and markets. More about Payever under:

Ownly is a product launched by W&Z FinTech, which is part of MM Warburg, a German private bank in Hamburg. Ownly is a “personal wealth management solution” in an APP. It is currently available for iPhones only. Information is available at their website (German only):

The Naga Group, is a Fintech company with diverse cryptocurrency based products: Academy, Gaming, Payment, and many more in the pipeline. Their website has information in German, English and Spanish. Check them out under:

Kasko is a company that, according to their website: “…help(s) insurers and their partners to design, launch, and scale flexible insurance services, cost effectively and at lightning speed.” They have offices in London and in Riga. More information under:

“Flex Payment” is a Hamburg Fintech which provides factoring finance services for self-employed professionals and small companies in Germany. More about them (German only) under:

There are more Fintech companies in Hamburg and we will be posting a third part of the series in the coming months.


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