Fintech in London part two

We continue with our list of Fintech companies in London at Fintech Valley.  Read our previous article about London Fintech in case you missed it. 


Zopa is a London peer-to-peer lender company. Their service is available for UK residents only. Loan rates can be seen directly at their website. More information under:

Trussle is a company that provides a platform for mortgages online, for UK residents. According to their website, they: “scan through more than 11,000 mortgages, from over 90 lenders”. They also “manage your application at every step of the way”. Further information about them:

Starling Bank is an online bank based in London. They promise to consumers a current account, which “won’t be like any current account you’ve seen before”. According to their website, their services will be launched later this year (2016). More at: 

Proxama is a company which provides, quoting directly from their website: “end-to-end digital solutions to banks and card issuers to securely transition their card portfolio onto mobile for Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless payments as well as solutions for EMV enablement, Electronic PIN Delivery, tokenisation and card issuance management“. Further information:

Ratesetter is a peer-to-peer lending platform based in London. Personal loans are available, as well as loans for Businesses and for Property Finance. More information available under:

Payfriendz is a mobile app that allows money transfer between users. Deposits into the accounts are done via “UK Debit Cards”. It is not clear if it is restricted to the UK only, but it is not available to users without a UK debit card. Read more about them:

SalaryFinance provides an online platform directly connected to payroll for loans. According to their website, they can: “lend up to 20% of annual income at a fixed 7.9% APR“. Read more about this London Fintech under:

Seedrs is a crowdfunding equity platform with HQ in the British capital. Their services are available for investors and companies based in the EU only. On their website you will find case studies, guides as well as a referral program. More about Seedrs at:

We will be doing further listings about Fintech companies based in the United Kingdom. Feel free to subscribe to FintechValley to receive notifications about our postings.


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