London Fintech part one

After our post about Fintech in France, we move now across the channel and present you Fintech companies and start-ups based in the english capital. Read on for our selection of Fintech companies in London.


We begin with the company Bankable, active in the payments industry. They provide, according to their website: “customised white-labeled payment solutions”.  You can read more about the specific services they provide under:

Cubits is a platform to buy and sell bitcoin via an e-wallet. The service is open for any nationality except the United States. Read more about them in their website, available in English, Greek, Turkish, Spanish and Italian, under:

Another company based in London is Ezbob. They offer loans online for businesses based in the United Kingdom (only). In their website you will find a list of industries they cover.

Gocardless provides Direct Debit recurring payments for small, medium and big companies. Their services, according to their website, are available in the UK, Sweden and 20 other countries in the European Union. Read about them under:

MarketInvoice is a London Fintech providing Factoring services. According to their website, they can advance from 5k British Pounds to up to 3 million, and only to companies based in the UK and Ireland. More about them:

Monese is a company which, according to their website, allows users from Europe to open a UK current bank account using only their mobile phones. Consumers do not need to reside in the country and get also access to a VISA Debit card. More in their website:

Paycasso is a company that focuses not only in Financial industries like payments, but also in healthcare, gaming and forensics, among others. They provide identify verification services, via facial recognition and optimised ID validation. You can read about the 4 different products they currently offer at:

Pollen VC has offices in London, Amsterdam, Helsinki and San Francisco, and provides factoring services to Mobile App developers. The money can be invested in advertising campaigns directly from their platform. Read about the company and their terms under:

Stay tuned for our next post about Fintech in London. If you are a company based there or in other cities in the UK, feel free to get in touch with us to have your company listed at FintechValley.


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