French Fintech part three

Earlier this year, in July and August, Fintech Valley had already presented you several French Fintech companies and start-ups. The French market is booming with Fintechs and we can note that there is a lot of competition specially within the crowdfunding-sector.


We would like to present you with a selection of these companies we have come across:

Younited Credit (formerly known as Prêt d’Union) is a peer-to-peer platform for loans. With their service, private persons can borrow money, the investors that borrow money on the other side can be private individuals or companies. The investors do not necessarily need to have a residence in France, a bank account in the EU is sufficient.

The company was founded as Prêt d’Union in 2009 (it went public in 2011) and is based in Paris.

In March 2016, they opened the online platform for Italy with the new name “Younited Credit”, they then changed the company name also for France to Younited Credit. It is expected that they will enter other European markets.

You can find more information on their website (in French only). The Italian platform runs under

ulule, founded in October 2010 in Paris, with offices in Barcelona and Montréal, is a crowdfunding platform. According to their website, they “offer two fundraising types : the project manager can set a budget target, or a number of objects / items to pre-sell.In the case of a subscription (or pre-sale), the project owner will have to set a price and the minimum number of preorders necessary to produce his product / idea.”

Users who want to support a project, do not invest in it, but are only helping succeeding to bring up the necessary amount of money for launching it, however,  “in some cases, offer donors specific rewards for their donations,…”

For more information about the platform and the current projects to be funded, please visit (apart from English, the website can be read in several other languages).

Mipise’s service consists in providing “public organizations, Non-profit organizations seeking new financing solutions for their projects, companies who seek to do market testing of their new products or companies willing to enhance their exposure on the web and the social networks”, with a crowdfunding solution. They offer for example expertise on marketing strategy, bank regulation and social networks, technical and regulatory aspects, management of fundraising and more.

The Fintech was founded in 2012 and is based in Châtillon, a commune in the southwestern suburbs of Paris. To read more about their service, please visit (available in English, German and French)

Prexem, founded 2014 and based in Paris, is a crowdlending/-funding platform. Starting from € 20 on, individuals can select a project from VSE and SMEs that they are willing to invest in, providing monthly repayment of the capital and interests. The service so far is only for the French market, i.e. the moneylender must have a tax-residence in France and the company looking for funding also must be registered in France.

You can find out more information on how to invest or fund a project on the official website (available in French language only).

The 2012 founded Fintech SmartAngels is a crowdfunding platform based in Paris. With a minimum of € 1000,-  individuals can invest directly into the capital assets of a start-up or a growing SME and become a shareholder of the company they invested in.

For further details about this Crowdfunding platform, please check  (available in French language only).

Lendix is a European online marketplace for business loans. The Fintech company is based in Paris and was founded in 2014. Apart from France, they also operate in Spain (since 2016) with Italy soon to follow. On Lendix, SMEs can borrow directly from private and institutional lenders. Private investors can start with an amount of € 20,- to lend to SMEs.

The French Fintech Finsquare, a short term loan specialist platform that was launched in 2014, was acquired by Lendix in April 2016. To find out more about Lendix and their platform, please visit (availabe in English, French and Spanish language).

The Fintech France Barter was founded in 2014 and has its headquarter in Paris. It is a B2B-exchange-network, a marketplace where VSMs and SMEs can exchange their merchandise and services. The inter-company exchange or “Barter” is a development tool for businesses of all sizes.

It allows them to fund certain expenses or projects or directly in exchange for their production output without using their treasury. More details about this Fintech and how the exchange-network works, can be read at (in French language only).

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