Fintech in Japan

Fintech Valley has recently presented you a selection of crowdfunding in Taiwan. This time, we would like to stick a bit more in Asia but move a little more north to Japan and would like to take a closer look at Japan’s Fintech companies.

Please keep on reading for a first selection of Fintechs in Japan.


The Bank of Japan has created its own Fintech Center in April 2016 “with the aim to reinforce our efforts in which the developments of FinTech will contribute to enhancing financial services and achieving sustainable growth of Japan’s economy.”

The website of the Fintech Center is (in English), where you can also find links to speeches, statements related to payments and markets as well as research papers and reports.

freee is an cloud accounting software for VSE’s and SME’s. The Fintech company was founded in July 2012 and is based in Tokyo. They want to improve Japan’s start-up ratio providing a solution to entrepreneurs to carry out  their day-to-day operations from the birth of their small business to support of the growth of the business (with payroll and employment management). The user of freee should thus be able to focus on their business creativity rather than on the finance management.

You can read more about their product on their official website at (available in Japanese language only)

SPIKE Payment is an online payment credit service founded by the Singaporean app monetisation platform metaps ( At the time of writing the website was still in closed beta, only available to users located in the US or Japan. The company is based in Tokyo. They have a prepaid electronic money, the SPIKE coin that can be used for online transactions. The company offers two pricing plans: a free plan and a business premium. If you like to read more about the company and its solution, please visit (in English)

With the headquarter being in Tokyo, and several branches within Japan, the Fintech Money Forward was founded in May 2012. They offer an accounting software to individuals and VSE’s that can be used on PC, Tablet and/or Smartphone. It helps the user get a quick overview over her/his finances and includes features such as support for tax refunds, creating an invoice and more.  To find out more about the product, please check (in Japanese language only)

The Fintech company Aqush is a peer-to-peer lending platform. According to the website, the interest rates for an  Aqush personal loan are lower than at conventional moneylenders. If you want to know more about this Fintech and how their platform works, please visit (available in Japanese only)

Line Pay is the payment system from the messaging app Line, based in Tokyo. They offer credit card and Online Saving Account (OSA) payments. The user needs to register her/his credit card once and then can use Line Pay for sending money, requesting money, split bills with friends or pay on specific online stores. The payments are then completed by entering the Line Pay Password.

More information about Line Pay as well as the messaging app itself can be found on (in English)

Zaim is a cloud bookkeeping app for individuals allowing the user to manage her/his finances, savings and daily expenses in an easy way. The Fintech company was founded in September 2012 and is based in Tokyo. You can read more about the company and its product at (in Japanese language only)

This was only a first selection about the Fintech companies in Japan. Do you want to know more about Fintech companies or start-ups ? Please subscribe to FintechValley email notifications!


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