Fintech in France – part two

In a first post Fintech Valley has already introduced you to different kind of Fintechs in France.

Paris is not only the capital of France but also the heart of the finances and we can see that the vast majority of Fintech start-ups and companies in France are all based in Paris. This is were the money flows.


Please note that at the time of writing this article, the websites of several Fintechs listed here were available in French language only, mainly destined to users based in France. Being start-ups, this is very likely to change in a near future.

Please keep on reading for Fintech Valley’s further selection of Fintechs in France.

The Parisian based company Heoh was founded in 2012. Since June 2014, they offer the so-called   “The Good Transaction” – a possibility to make micro-donations for charity projects before paying their purchase at a Heoh partnering merchant. So far, this service is only available in France. Further details about Heoh and The Good Transaction can be found under, also headquartered in Paris, is a crowdfunding platform for individuals, VSEs and SMEs. The platform was launched in 2014. You can find out more about them and their platform at (in French only)

The Fintech startup Créancio was founded beginning of 2015 and is based in Paris. The company buys outstanding invoices from VSEs and SMEs. A user sets up an account at Créancio and once the user has invoiced a customer, the invoice goes directly to Créancio and the user can access the money within 24h. More information about the service, in French language only, can be read at

Also the company Finexkap, founded in 2012 in Paris, provides VSEs and SMEs with working capital by buying their outstanding invoices. According to their website, the registered user sells her/his invoice via the Finexkap platform; once the user has been validated, she/he will receive a proposal and price offer within 48h. So far, this service seems to be for users whose customers are located within France. To find out more about  Finexkap and their service, please check (available in French language only)

Headquartered in the north-east of France near Strasbourg, the Fintech EasyTransac was founded in 2015. It is an online payment platform offering different kind of payment solutions to their customers such as mobile, payment API and more. For further details about the company and their products, please check

A different kind of business model but also a Fintech, is the company CBien that developed an app that allows the user to register all her/his personal valuables to a cloud-based inventory list. The company was founded 2013 and is based in Paris. If you like to know how CBien works, please visit for further details. The website is in French only.

The 2013 founded Parisian Fintech fizen offers an online account management service to VSEs and individuals. Without the need to have knowledge in accountancy, the service allows the user, amongst others,  to create and send out invoices to customers, register expenses in an easy way and to always have an up to date overview of ones finances. They offer different kind of set-ups. To know more about fizen and their service, please visit (in French only).

Also founded in 2013 in Paris, the web application of the company FundShop consists in managing investments of individuals. The user does not need to be an expert in finance, the tool helps and advises the user to choose the best suitable investment option. There is no minimum amount of investment. You can find out more about the tool by visiting the official website (in French only).

The Fintech fluo comes from the Insurance sector. With the help of their service, the user can check which insurances are covered by their credit card and what kind of insurances they still might need, for instance if you are planning to go on holidays.  The service is free of charge and the user does not need to give personal details in order to use the diagnostic service. At the same time, fluo also offers insurances.

There is some basic information available in English at More extensive information, in French language only, can be found at the main website  fluo is based in Paris, the mobile app service was launched in June 2014.

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