Fintech and Crowdfunding in Taiwan

With a vibrant startup-scene, Taiwan has also quite a number of  crowdfunding platforms. In this article, Fintech Valley would like to present you a selection of these companies. 

flyingV is a crowdfunding platform that was founded in 2012 and is based in Taipei. The registered users come from Taiwan but also from various other countries in Asia. To find out more about the platform, please visit (in Chinese language only)

Zeczec, founded already in 2011, is a creative-oriented crowdfunding platform aiming to  help the Taiwanese creative industry to grow and thrive. If you want to find out more about the company or the projects to be funded, please check: (in Chinese only)

DIT Startup (創夢市集) is a Taiwanese joint-venture of 5 game companies and  based in New Taipei City. They seem to function as incubators for Taiwanese startups of mobile games and application offering a working place and counsel. More info about them can be found on their website (in Chinese only)

Their crowdfunding platform DIT Funding (創夢市集) was founded in 2015 and  is focusing on helping creators, entrepreneurs and startups to but also to support creative masses to help initiate their project and ideas.

The platform can be found under (in Chinese only). An interview explaining how DIT Startup (創夢市集) works, can be seen here (in Chinese)

Founded in October 2014, Backer-Founder call themselves a crowdfunding agency. Besides managing Taiwanese projects, they also cooperate with international teams to bring projects to the vast Mandarin market. Serving as an agency, they also offer advisory service, market research, marketing strategies, copywriting, media promotion, logistics and CRM.

Information in English can be found at

Their investment crowdfunding platform is called Angel-Founder. You can visit it at (in Chinese only)

One of Taiwans recruitment platform has also established their own crowdfunding platform, the so-called 104 cradle (104 夢想搖籃). More information about the platform and the latest projects can be found at (in Chinese only)

The crowdfunding platform Pressplay is encouraging and helping young creators that their works can be seen and get a stage to obtain funding. For visiting the platform, please visit (in Chinese only)

BUBU 步步 is a crowdfunding platform that is focusing on projects related to sports. You can find out more about the current projects at (in Chinese only)

Founded by First Securities, efun is an equity crowdfunding platform based in Taipei. More information can be found under (in Chinese only)

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