Fintech Accelerators selection

The term “to accelerate” means “to move or go faster; increase in speed” and also “to progress or develop faster”. Within the Fintech industry, today we often come across the term “Accelerator”  describing a company or organisation that is helping start-ups to turn their business idea into reality. In most cases the Accelerators offer a several week long program providing start-ups with mentors from the Fintech industry and and preparing them step-by-step to set up their company. After successful completion of the program, the chosen start-up might receive a financial aid but will also have to pass on a share of their profits to the Accelerator, depending on the program.


Fintech Valley would like to present you a selection of accelerators from the Fintech industry.

The Swedish financial services group Nordea is holding an accelerator program of 12 weeks that is starting in September 2016.

It is already their second event of this kind giving Fintech start-ups the chance to accelerate their business. Interested startups in this program can still apply until August 07, 2016. The program will take place in Helsinki and Stockholm.

For further details about the Nordea Startup Accelerator program can be found at

Fintech Factory is an accelerator program from Norway. It is also a 12 weeks’ long program helping Fintech startups to develop and scale their business. Their first program will start in September 2016 in Oslo. The deadline for applying has already passed.

For more information about the company and possible future accelerator programs, please check their official website

Founded 2010 in Denmark, Startupbootcamp has become a global network of accelerators with programs for Fintech related start-ups in various cities around the world.

To find out more details about their idea and programs, please take a look at

One can notice that also more and more banks are interested in the Fintech innovations and therefore also function as accelerators to support new innovations for central banking.

The British banking and financial services company Barclays has its own Accelerator division and offers a 13-week-program to Fintech start-ups in locations such as London, New York, Cape Town and Tel Aviv. The applications for the current programs are closed, however, for general information about the program and the possibility to apply in a near future, please visit

The Bank of England has set up its Accelerator division only this year where Fintech start-ups can apply to take part in a program. “Successful firms may have the opportunity to re-tender through an open process to become an on-going partner of the Bank.” The applications for the current program are closed, however, there will probably be another chance later on this year. To read more about their aims and ideas, please check

The German Startup Autobahn is based in Stuttgart and was founded by the car producer Daimler, Plug and Play, the University of Stuttgart and ARENA2036.

Looking for “the new builders of mobility at the intersection of hardware and software”, they offer a 3-months-programm to accelerate start-ups. If you want to find out more about them and apply for Programm 2 that starts in March 2017, please visit their website

Is your company an Accelerator and would you like to be listed by Fintech Valley ? Please feel free to contact us !


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