Fintech in Money remittance and currency exchange

Money transfer and currency exchange is a popular business model for Fintech entrepreneurs. We have mentioned diverse companies working in this category in our previous post on the topic of Fintech and remittance

Today we expand our analysis into companies that also provide currency exchange for individuals and businesses, as well as related fintech businesses such as marketplaces and e-wallets.

FreeMarketFX is a London based Fintech. The company provides an exchange platform for businesses and individuals in19 currencies. According to their website, they offer a 0,2% fixed flat fee to their customers. Read more about them under:

Tawipay is a Swiss Fintech offering a Money remittance marketplace. Their platform shows the consumer a list of online remittance services (other Fintech companies) which can be filtered based on: cost, pay-in and pay-out methods, availability of funds, etc. The services are available in 10 languages. More information at their website:

Transfast is an American Fintech based in New York. According to the information on their website, they provide money remittance services from Canada and the United States to diverse countries around the world. Further information in their website, available in English and Spanish, at:

ThePayPro is a Fintech with offices in London and Barcelona. The company provides B2B “international payments”, according to their website in 25 currencies. In their website only the feature of sending Euro payments into other currencies seems to be available. Read more about them under:

Revolut is a London Fintech which provides an e-wallet kind of service to “…Instantly transfer money in app or via SMS, Email, WhatsApp and Social Media…”.  Consumers can also use a virtual or physical card linked to the virtual revolut account. Read all about them at:

Sendah is a Fintech with offices in the Philippines and the United States which focuses on Filipinos living abroad who want to send money home.  The company provides an e-wallet that consumers can use to: send money home, purchase diverse goods on the company’s website to be delivered to the user’s family,  directly pay the family’s bills, among other services. More about them at their website:

Remitly is a Seattle-based Fintech. The company focuses on remittance services from the United States to India, Mexico and the Philippines. Agents in these countries for funds availability are mostly banks as well as convenience stores. Remitly has a list in their website of all the licenses they have to transmit money in the USA and Canada. More about them under:

Instarem is a Singapore incorporated Fintech which provides money remittance services. Their plattform offers money transfers from Australia to India, Indonesia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. According to their website, funds are transfered to bank accounts in the recipient’s country. Read all about them at:

Let us know if you would like your company to be listed at Fintech Valley, or if you would like us to describe or mention a particular Fintech category or categories. More information about Fintech to come.


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