Fintech Companies in Loans, Credit, Pawning and Lending part two

We continue our report about the Fintech categories and sub-categories in the topics of online Credits, loans, pawning and lending and the companies around the world pursuing such business models. Don’t forget to read our first post on the topic, where we discussed about the following categories: online credit scoring, loans for students, and comparison websites for online loans.


A category that is not as common as peer-to-peer lending is online pawning.

Pawnhero is a Fintech in the Philippines. According to their website, they accept jewelry, luxury items and electronics.  They target only the

Philippines market and seem to operate stores and branches across the country. Further information under:

Borro is a UK Fintech based in London. They provide “…short term finance on luxury assets and properties…”.  Their services are available, for what we can see in their website, in the United Kingdom and in the United States. Read further under:

Valendo is a German Fintech based in Berlin, and is part of the Finleap group.  They provide “secured loans” in exchange of jewelry, precious metals, art, classic cars, handbags, among others. They seem to target the German market only:

Peer-to-Peer lending is a very popular category for Fintech companies, and we have mentioned a couple in our previous post on Credit and Loans Fintech companies. Here are some more companies we have come across:

Harmoney is a New Zealand Fintech based in Auckland. They provide loans for different purposes. It seems they focus in the New Zealand market only. More info on

Monexo is a Hong Kong Fintech that operates a Peer-to-peer platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Their services are available for HK companies and residents only.  Read more about them, in English, at:

Landbay is a London Fintech. They provide, according to their website, a service: “…that offers lenders the opportunity to lend money directly to property investors….secured by first‐ranking mortgages…”  More information at:

There are other Fintech categories and companies, less popular but also present, and these are the companies we have found:

CloudLending, with offices in the United States and in India, provides while label services to other Fintech companies providing online loans, credit, marketplaces, micro-finance, etc. Read more about them under:

Kiva is a non for profit peer-to-peer loans platform, with offices in New York and in San Francisco. They also feature a called “Kiva-card”, to be able to gift determined amounts of money. Loans can be made from users all around the world. Read more about them in their website:

Hellobuddy is a Fintech in India, based in Bangalore. They are a platform for students to shop online and pay the purchased items in instalments. More information about them under:

At FintechValley we are more than happy to hear about other companies working on the described Fintech business models. Get in touch with us if you would like to see your company featured in our website.


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