New Fintech payment companies and some not so new

Are you up-to-date on the most recent Fintech start-ups and companies flourishing in the online payments category ? More and more companies have been created around the world and it is getting difficult to catch on. Read on for a selection of new companies and some not so new that we believe you should know about.
wpid-wp-1443365691232.jpgWhether it is POS, e-wallets, mobile payments, wearables  or cards, we present you a list of worldwide Fintech companies trying to innovate within the category of payments.

Ugo Wallet is a  Canadian Fintech out of Toronto. They provide not only a mobile e-wallet for payment capabilities, but also a wallet for the management of loyalty points and gift cards in Canadian retailers. More information about them under:

PayTM is an Indian company based in New Delhi, with offices all across India, as well as South East Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The company provides an E-wallet service together with a market place for consumers. Further information about PayTM at their website:

There is not much information available about Kerv, however, it is still worth mentioning the company. It falls in the category of wearables and payments as, according to their website, they promise their product to be: “the world’s first contactless payment ring”. The management is based in London, where the company could be based in the near future. More about Kerv on their site:

Mangopay is a payment company with offices in Paris and Luxembourg. They focus mostly on marketplaces solutions, and, according to their website, they can “…accept payments and (do) payouts worldwide”.  More under:

VMoney is a company in the Philippines we mentioned in previous posts about Fintech and Payments. They provide an e-wallet that consumers can use via their mobile to purchase online and at a point of sale. They also seem to target the Canadian market. Read more about them at:

Mycheck is a Fintech from Israel. The company provides a payment capabilities for restaurants and the hospitality industry in general. E-wallets, POS, loyalty points and rewards, CRM tools, and other characteristics are part of their services. Further information at:

Yellowpepper is an American Fintech based in Miami. The company has 3 products to offer: a mobile e-wallet, mobile payments and mobile banking services. They seem to focus in the Latin American market.  Further information:

1pay is a Vietnamese payments company. They seem to focus mostly in processing payments for the online games industry and in the Vietnamese market. Their website however is available in Vietnamese, English, Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese. More about them at:

Hellopay is a payment company that covers Singapore and the Philippines. They provide an  e-wallet that allows the consumer to earn and spend loyalty points. The company is part of the Lazada group. More info about Hellopay:

Quisk is an American Fintech out of Sunnyvale, California. The company, according to their website: “…utilizes the consumer’s mobile phone number and secured PIN to create and access a new type of mobile money payment account…”. Read about how their solution also is applicable to diverse value stored transactions, such as P2P, e-commerce, Bill payments, etc, on their website:

Twint is a Swiss Fintech, based in Bern. The company has developed an e-wallet focused on the Swiss market. They are part of PostFinance, which is at the same time part of Swiss post, the national postal service in Switzerland. More information, also in English, is available on their website:

Please get in touch if you want to have your Fintech payment company mentioned at Fintech Valley. We will post a second part of the newest Fintech payment companies soon.


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