Fintech companies in Fraud prevention, KYC and security

Fintech companies in the categories of fraud protection, “Know your customer”,  “Anti-Money laundry” and security, could be some of the most important in the Fintech industry and where the real disruption and innovation is happening. wpid-wp-1443345468739.jpg

Scattered across Fintech capitals such as Singapore, London and Silicon Valley, and other cities around the world, these companies are truly pushing the envelope and driving innovation forward. Read on for a list of more than a dozen companies in this category:

Trunomi, with offices in Silicon Valley, London and Bermuda, is a Fintech which, according to their website, provides: “…Solutions that create, share and monetize customer data”. Read more about two of their products: TruHub and TruMobile, at their website:

Cashrun is a Singapore Fintech with additional offices in the United States, Europe and China. One of their products, Cashshield, provides a “…self-developed Algorithm (that) adapts to your business, allowing for each decision to be risk optimised…”. More about Cashshield under:

OSIS, a Dutch Fintech based in the Hague, provides services that aim to offer: “…an alternative way for banks and investors to analyse credit risk, by coherently combining a statistical analysis of data with subjective opinions about forward looking risk distributions…” Their website lists a comprehensive array of products on data analysis and data risk:

Aprivacy, is a Canadian Fintech, with an office in Hong Kong, which provides document encryption services specialised in financial companies. Visit their website for a demo and / or an invitation:

At the other side of the world, we find IDGate, a Taiwanese Fintech. The Taipei-based company offers Identity authentication services across industries, such as: gaming, banking, social networks, traditional e-commerce and others. Further information on their website, also in English, under:

Passfort is a Welsh Fintech Startup. Their KYC services “…automates KYC compliance and customer data storage to protect and enable growing regulated businesses online…”. Find more about their products, which they call: “The World’s First Customer Focused Compliance System” at their website:

Sedicii is an Irish Fintech, out of Waterford, with offices in the United Kingdom and the United States. Their patented technology, based on what they called “Zero Knowledge Proof Protocol”, which “…eliminates the transmission, storage and exposure of private user data during authentication or identity verification…”. More about them at:

Trulioo is a Vancouver Fintech, focusing on KYC and AML services. The Canadian company covers e-commerce, financial, insurance, health, and travel companies worldwide. Read more about two of their products “Global Gateway” and “Data Exchange”,  under:

Jocata is an Indian Fintech, we have referred to in earlier posts about Fintech companies in India. The company provides 6 different products covering KYC (Know your customer) and AML (Anti-money laundry) services. Further information about the Hyderabad based start-up under:

Hellosoda is s British Fintech based in Manchester. The start-up provides social KYC services for companies in sectors such as gaming, insurance, lending and employee vetting. Find out more about them under:

VKey is a Fintech we have mentioned previously in our post regarding Fintech in Singapore. The company, according to their website: “…ensures the integrity of customers’ and employees’ mobile devices, applications, and networks by securing the user’s sensitive information and transactions…” . Read all about them at:

myPinPad is a Welsh Fintech, with offices in London and Sidney. The company provides “…an evolutionary Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that enables the seamless combination of multi-factor authentication to the payments industry’s existing infrastructure and protocols…” for consumer authentication and fraud prevention. Further information under:

Socure is an American Fintech focusing on customer authentication. Read more about the New York based start-up at:

Tranwall is a Hong Kong start-up we mentioned in previous posts about Fintech in Hong Kong. The company offers a service called Tranwall Transaction Control which “…enables issuing banks to provide their cardholders with increased levels of security and convenience…”. More about them: 

Feedzai is a Portuguese Fintech with offices in Silicon Valley and New York. The start-up provides fraud prevention services to merchants, card acquirers and issuers, with “intelligent algorithms (that) …transform risk and fraud teams from adversaries into internal advocates for your customer.” Further information at their website:

Please get in touch if your company fits into this category or in other Fintech categories and you would like to have it featured here.


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