Fintech Resources – FintechValley recommendations

Here are diverse selected Fintech and Fintech related resources that we have come across online: books, podcasts, websites, incubators, accelerators, and more. Read on for our selection:


A very interesting book about Spam, Online Payments, Fraud and Fraud Prevention, etc, is SPAM Nation. It is surprising to see that, among other things, even merchants selling pharma online needed to focus on customer care to prevent chargebacks.




The book can be interesting for Fintech companies in the payment sector.

The author, Brian Krebs, publishes his own blog about internet security:

NPR’s “Planet Money” Podcast comes recommended by the British Economics Journalist Tim Harford.  I find the podcast about Pricing specially interesting. The Planet Money Podcast url is

The Podcast about Pricing can be found at:

For Fintech Start-ups, a good resource is Level39. According to their website, they are space for “…Europe’s largest technology accelerator space for finance, cyber-securities, retail and future cities technology companies…”. More about them under:

For Fintech companies in the Loans categories, the British newspaper The Guardian recently published an article about “Global borrowing trends”. The article, including interactive graphics, can be found under:

Last but not least, a link to the FintechValley LinkedIn group. Feel free to join and participate in discussions about the latest Fintech trends as well as to suggest other Fintech information resources.


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