Fintech events second half 2015

At FintechValley we present you some of the Fintech events that are planned for the second half of 2015. From Singapore to London, Frankfurt, Brussels to several cities in America, there are Fintech and Fintech related conferences all over the world. Read on for our selection:


A Payment’s focused event, with diverse tracks on Fintech in Asia, is the Global Payment Summit. The conference will take part in the last week of August, in Singapore, on August 26th and 27th. More information available at:

A Fintech dedicated conference, the so-called FinTech Week 2015 will take place in London. It will run from September 14th to 20th. The event is divided into diverse Fintech categories, such as payments, trading, security, data, etc. Further information about this event at:

In November, the Fintech Startups Conference will take place in San Francisco. It is a one day event, that is focusing on the FinTech scene in California, VCs and UX among other topics, with diverse networking sessions included. Read about it under:

Also in San Francisco, the event FinDEVr, specialised in topics for developers working in the Fintech industry. According to their website, this conference will “..showcase the latest tools, platforms and case studies to hundreds of fintech developers, VPs of Engineering, and CTOs”. The event will take place on October 6th and 7th. More information at:

Back in Singapore, and also in October, the Sibos 2015 conference will be taking place. The event is a combination of conferences, workshops, exhibition halls, and networking events. This 4 day conference organised by SWIFT, seems to be a powerful event for the financial industry in the region and will run from October 12th to 15th. Read about it at:

The CrowdSourcing week, taking place in Brussels in October, has diverse Fintech related topics in their tracks. The 5 day event will start on October 19th until  23rd. Further info at their website:

Still in Europe, in Frankfurt, the one day event Fin-meets-Tech, has 5 tracks focusing on diverse topics. This Fintech event will take place on October 6th. Read more about it at their website (available only in German) at

In Miami, in October, the Fintech Americas will take place. It is a two day conference: from 22nd to 23rd. There is currently not much information available at their website, regarding the conference content. Read about them at:

There will probably be more Fintech events coming up in 2015, so please feel free to reach out to us if you want to have yours included at FintechValley.


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