Fintech in Money Transfer and Remittances

Money transfer and Remittance is another popular business model in Fintech. It is from Finance centres such as Singapore and London where most of the companies that focus on this kind of business model can be found. Read on for our list of Fintech companies on the category Money Transfer and remittance.

DSC_0786Azimo is a Fintech company based in London. Their website is available, it seems, in eleven languages and focuses on remittances from Europe to other countries around the world. Get to know more about them under:

CurrencyFair is an Irish Fintech based in Dublin.  They offer money transfer in 16 currencies / countries. Some outside Europe such as the UAE, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Hong Kong and South Africa.  They also have an office in Australia.  More information about them at

BeamAndGo is a Fintech Startup based in Singapore, which provides services to citizens of the Philippines. The service is not a 100% a remittance, but a purchase online of a series of specific services available at their website and redeemable in cities across the Philippines. Further information under:

Chillr is a Fintech based in Mumbai, in India. They provide bank transfer services via mobile devices. According to their website, the user who sends the money, does not need to know the bank account number of the recipient. At the moment, the service seems to be available in India only.  More information at:

In the Philippines, the Ayahhah group provides two services Sendah and Sendah direct. Sendah is a service aimed at Filipinos that want to purchase services, goods, presents, gift cards, etc. for their families or friends at home.  The group also provides other Fintech services such as an ewallet, as well as online payments. Read all about the services at

Instarem is a Fintech incorporated in Singapore and with an Australian ASIC license. The company provides online remittance services from Australia to India, and from India to Australia. Read more about Instarem at their website: 

Worldremit is a London Fintech. The company, according to their website, provides remittance services from more than 50 countries around the world. Depending on the country of origin and destination of the funds, the remittance is done via bank transfer or phone airtime. Further information at their website, available in three languages, under:

Cringle is a German Fintech start-up based in Berlin. Their services allow mobile phone users to send and receive money. It seems to be available only inside Germany. More information about them, in German, at their website:

TransferGo is a Fintech Remittance company based in London, with offices in Vilnius in Lithuania. Their services seem to concentrate in Europe and the United States, and their website is available in English, Polish, Russian, Rumanian, Latvian and Lithuanian. Read more about them at

World First is a money transfer Fintech that focus not only on consumers money transfer, but also on Businesses and Online sellers. The company seems to be based in London, and has diverse offices around the world. According to their website, their services are available in North America, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and France. More information about them at:

Elopay is a Berlin Fintech start-up that provides money transfer between friends. Consumers do not need a credit card or a bank account to use their services. It seems it is available only in Germany. Read about them at:

CurrencyTransfer is a Fintech based in London and with an office in Israel. They provide money transfer services for consumers and companies. According to their website, they currently support more than 20 currencies worldwide for their services.  Further information about them under:

PayFriendz is a start-up based in London. They allow users to transfer money via mobile phones. Their services are available in Euro and in GBP, but it is not clear if it is limited to Great Britain only or not. More information at:

TransferWise is a London Fintech company with offices in Estonia, Ukraine, the United States and Japan. According to their website (available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish), the consumer can transfer money in more than 10 currencies to dozens of countries around the world. Read all about them at:

Remittance or Money Transfer, between friends and / or across borders, is a tremendously popular business model pursued by Fintech companies around the world. We will add more companies to our list as we come across them. Feel free to suggest any companies we might not have mentioned yet. We are more than happy to consider them and post about them at Fintech Valley.


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