Fintech Companies in Online Payments

Fintech companies, investors and entrepreneurs have realised the opportunities that lie behind the hundreds of thousands of unbanked internet users around the world. All over the world, a new company pops up every month with the promise of a new payment revolution. From the big Internet giants to the smallest 3-men team in a garage. We present you at Fintech Valley a list of 20 online payment companies that are looking to disrupt the well established payment scene.


The Singaporean based 2c2p company, provides online payments across the South East Asia region: Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Cambodia. Their portfolio of services also provides recurring payments, as well as other services in the region. Read more about them under:

Ayannah is a company based in the Philippines which provides digital commerce and payment solutions in the region, but with focus on Filipinos based abroad. Sendah and Sendah direct are two of their main products. Further information under:

Barzahlen is a company based in Berlin, home of many other Fintech companies. The company basically provides “cash payment” services to online merchants with German consumers that do not have or do not want to pay with credit cards online. More information about this young start-up under:

Divido is an English company based in the Fintech capital of Europe, London.  The company provides a platform for payment services in settlements. It targets mostly merchants but they also have a consumer section on their website. More about Divido under:

go4q is a Wallet QR based solution that also provides Mobile Ticketing, Ordering, Couponing and what they called Charity services. This Fintech start-up is also based in Germany, in the city of Lahr. Their website:

GustPay is a Fintech based in London. As mentioned previously in our report about Fintech in London and Fintech in Mobile Payments, they utilise NCF technology for consumers to organise events and combine: ticketing, payments, event management software, among other services. More info about Gustpay under:

Homepay is a Singapore based Fintech. The start-up provides a platform for households and management of money, including payments and monitoring of expenses. Further information about Homepay at:

The Munich Fintech start-up iPayst is a company that provides mobile payments services based on a downloadable app linked to a card. Visit their website for a list of merchants where the payment is accepted and to read about other features their payment solution offers.

Based in Thailand, the company Paysbuy provides diverse payment related services, such as payment gateways, wallets, etc, for merchants interested in the Thai market. More information about this company, also in English, under:

PinPayments is an Australian Fintech based in Melbourne. According to their website, the merchants do not need a security deposit or a merchant account to start processing online payments. Further information about more of their features at:

The Belgian Fintech Sign2Pay provides mobile payment solutions based on a digital signature verification process. More information about this innovative Antwerp based start-up at their site:

Operating from France, the Fintech SlimPay provides SEPA direct debit online payment services. Consumers are able to pay online directly from their bank accounts via the infrastructure provided by the Paris based company. Further information about how the payment process works under:

In Philippines, the company VMoney provides an e-wallet in the South East Asian country. It can also be used for paying bills as well as for Filipinos abroad to send money home. Their services seem to be also available in Canada. Read more about them under:

The Luxembourg based Mamooble delivers services similar to what we have called in previous posts: crowdpay. They provide a platform for consumers to make group payments. It seems the company currently targets only the German-speaking markets. More information about this Fintech, in German, under: 

The Nigerian payments company Voguepay provides online payment services in Nigeria. According to their website, they are “Africa’s largest payment processor”, and provide not only credit card payments but also alternative payment options. Read all about them at:

On the other side of the world, in Canada, the Fintech Mobeewave provides NFC based payments via mobile devices. Consumers can pay with cards and also with other mobile devices. Further information about the Montreal based start-up at

In Singapore, one of the Fintech capitals in Asia, the company Matchmove has two products in the market: the MatchMove Wallet and VPay. Vpay is a virtual card that get topped up with any payment option and  can be used at any merchant that accepts American Express payment options. Further information about them at their site:

Liquid Payment is a Fintech based in Hamburg, Germany. The start-up provides the set up for recurring billing capabilities.  Its focus is on invoice billing, paypal, SEPA based payments and credit cards.  More information available, in German, under:

Also in Germany, in Karlsruhe, the Fintech Paymorrow provides two of most the most popular payment methods in Germany: invoice-payment services, and direct debit payments. Read more about them in their site, in German:

In the United Kingdom, the payment company Zapper, provides services catered to restaurants mostly. The consumers can pay directly their bills via their mobiles with no need for cash or to provide any card to the waiters. More information about this London based Fintech under:

There are indeed dozens Fintech start-ups in the online payment industry scattered around the world. We will research and present you more in a second part of our payment fintech report in the coming months. Subscribe to Fintech Valley and receive a notification for the next report about payments and other Fintech topics.


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