Fintech in Credit and Loans business models

One of the most common business model in Fintech is credit or money lending to individuals or companies. We present you at Fintech Valley an explanation of 18 Fintech companies and start-ups in the online credit industry from all over the world.


We start our list with the company Aire, the London-based start-up that provides “alternative” credit scoring services.  According to their website they have: “redesigned the entire process to democratise credit scores”. More information about them under:

The company Aqush is on the other side of the world. This Japanese Fintech company, based in Tokyo, is a peer-to-peer lending platform. One of their investors has shares in diverse Fintech companies across Asia. More information, in Japanese only, available under:

Still in Asia, but on the western part of the continent, in India, we find the company BankBazaar.  Their comprehensive comparison website lists all sorts of consumer loans: home, cars, personal loans, credit card services, as well as car, health and life insurance. Read about them at:

In Singapore the Fintech company Catapult Ventures owns four portals related to credit services: MoneySmart, SmartLoans, SmartCredit and SmartInsurance.  According to the quote on their website, these platforms “…easily determine a user’s unique profile, automatically scan all packages available in the market and systematically return relevant results in an easy-to-compare table format.” More information about them at:

Not so far, in Indonesia, the site Cekaja is a comparison platform for financial services such as loans, credit, investments, as well as loans for SMEs. They belong to Compare88, a Fintech Indonesian company that also owns a portal in the Philippines called Ecomparemo. More information about Compare88 under:

In Hong Kong, the Compare Asia group owns comparison websites for financial services across Asia. According to their site, they operate in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Further info about them at:  

In Malaysia, the Imoney portal is also a Fintech comparison platform for credit cards, loans for consumers and SMEs, insurance and investment. The site belongs to the IMoney group that also owns similar portals in Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines. More information about Imoney:

Lenddo, a company with HQ in Hong Kong, provides scoring services based on the social network data and profiles from consumers. The company operates in Colombia, Philippines and Mexico. More information about them under:

Still in Asia, in China, we find the Fintech start-up Pandai. The company is a peer-to-peer lending platform,  based in Beijing. Further information about them, in Chinese only, at their website:

Also in Beijing, we find Renrendai. A company that also provides P2P lending services. It seems they target not only consumers but also  SME’s. More information about them, in Chinese, under:

Wecash is another Beijing based Fintech company that provides B2C credit scoring services and loans online. Further information, in Chinese, at:

The Australian company Societyone provides peer-to-peer lending services down under. They also own the platform Clearmatch.  More information about the Sidney based companies at: and

In the United States, the Fintech company CreditKarma provides credit scoring services to consumers, to then match the appropriate offer of credit and loans they seek. Learn more about the San Francisco based company at:

Still on the American continent, in Mexico, we find the Mexican Fintech Prestadero. Further information about this peer-to-peer loan company based in Mexico city, in Spanish language, under:

In Germany, we have the Fintech Hamburg-based company Finanzcheck.  The website is a comparison site of consumer loans for all sorts of ends. More information at their website in German:

Also in Germany, but in Berlin, we have the company Lendico. They also provide a P2P loans platform  for the German market. This Fintech is a Rocket Group company. Read more, in German, about Lendico under:

Lendstar is also a German Fintech, based in Leipzig. They provide a service that makes it possible for consumers to gather money for a specific cause, but also for friends to borrow money from one  another. Additional information at:

Please feel free to let Fintech Valley know about other Fintech companies involved in the credit and loans verticals. Or subscribe for future updates on this and other Fintech topics.


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