More Fintech events in 2015

More Fintech events are happening around the world, and we have compiled a short list of some of them that are taking place in London, New York, Australia and Switzerland. Further events have been announced in Singapore and in the United States, but no date has been confirmed yet. Read on for our list.


In March there will be two recently announced Fintech events taking place.

The first one will happen in Sidney, Australia: the “Next Bank Sydney 2015”, on March 10-12. A 3 days conference, that actually combines

3 different activities: StartupBootCamp Fintech Pitch Day, the Next Bank Sydney Conference and the Bank Innovators Council Session. More information under:

The second one is a one-day event and takes place in London. It is called “Fintech Invest London” and takes place on April 15th. It is organised by FinTech Connect, a Network community for Fintech professionals. Further information at:

On the other side of the Atlantic, in New York, the one-day “FinTech Startups Conference” will take place on April 7th. It seems that this is the third year in a row that the event happens. There is more information about the speakers, the venue and the agenda under:

Last but not least, back in the Old Continent, the Conference “Finance 2.0” will take place in Zurich. The one-day event is programmed for May 5th, but there is no information about the conferences yet. Further information, in German only, on their website:

These are the latest events we have come across. You will find the next Fintech events coming up on the right column of this website.


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