Fintech in Taiwan

The Fintech phenomenon is extending throughout Asia and has also reached Taiwan. The island is normally known to house tech giants such as HTC, Asus and Acer; opposite to the major worldwide financial centres Singapore and Hong Kong. However, there are companies in Taiwan, if not many, that want to participate in the Fintech trend.


We have found 6 Fintech companies in Taiwan so far: 2 Bitcoin companies, a Crowdfunding site, 2 Payment companies and a Data security company. Only two of them focus on the Taiwanese or Chinese speaking market, with focus on Taiwan.

Webackers is a crowdfunding website, which belongs to the game developer and publisher Gamania. Whereas the site could have a focus on the games market, it also seems to be open to other projects. They seem to be concentrated only on the Taiwanese market as mentioned earlier. More information under: 

Bitoex is another Fintech company based in Taiwan. The Bitcoin exchange website made headlines because it made it possible for consumers to purchase bitcoin in convenience stores across the country. It seems, however, that it also only targets the local markets. Further information, in Chinese only, can be found under:

The company “IDGate” is also a Taiwanese Fintech start-up that provides services to companies worldwide. The team behind IDGate, according to their site, are experts in Mobile Identity Authentication and Protection.  Their services can cover  E-commerce, Online games, Online banking, Cloud Services, Social Networks and Security Systems. More about them at:

Maicoin is a Bitcoin Fintech that targets not only Taiwan, as they also seem to have an office in the United States and they pursue to be “…building the premier digital currency exchange and investment platform in Greater China”. They also run a shop where users can purchase goods valued in Bitcoin currency. More about Maicoin at their site: 

Gash+, or GashPlus, is a payment company also part of the Gamania group. The company offers payment services in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The service has grown from servicing only the Gamania games to be available not only for games from all companies but also for other verticals. Further information at:

The company OnePaid provides online payments focused only on the Taiwanese market, and it is based in Taichung City. It belongs to another group called “Gangu Tech”. More information, in Chinese only, at the OnePaid website under:

We will be writing more about Fintech in Taiwan and in the region including interviews and editorials. We also welcome contributions and comments on the Fintech scene in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Macau and the Chinese speaking regions. Please send us an email and we will get in touch.


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