Fintech in Berlin

Together with London, Berlin is another Fintech city in Europe where online companies that are stirring up the Finance industry are booming. Continue reading to learn about our selection of Fintech companies in the German capital.


January seems to be a great month for Fintech in Berlin. It seems like every week a new Fintech company or start-up is being announced. The preferred business models seem to be Online Payments and Banking related businesses, but Bitcoin and Marketing are also part of the Fintech scene in the capital of Germany.

The most recent is Billfront. The company is part of the Fintech group Finleap, and basically provides a pre-payment to companies that publish apps. According to their website, publishers will no longer need to wait 70 days to receive money but can receive their payout within a week by paying a fee. Billfront has an office in Berlin and in San Francisco. More information about them under:

Barzahlen is a young start-up also based in the German capital. They provide a cash payment feature for e-commerce companies around the world, which is available exclusively to German users only, though. The company is part of the “Cash Payments Solutions” group, and part of their focus is in the digital games vertical. Read more about Barzahlen under:

Another Fintech company based in Berlin is Bergfürst. They provide a crowdfunding platform for companies looking for private sources of funding and investors who are open to invest in young companies in exchange of equity. Their site offers also a feature to trade the acquired shares and monitor their daily value. Further information about them at:

Elopay is another Berlin start-up. They enable users to send and receive money via their mobile phone or email address with the use of their mobile app. According to their website, users do not need a bank account or credit card to use their services.  Find more information about them on their site:

Finreach is part of the same group that owns Billfront. The company offers Online Marketing services and technology to other Fintech companies. They seem to specialise in Mobile technology. There is more information under:

As mentioned in a previous post about Fintech innovation in mobile payments, the Berlin based company Payever provides alternative payment options, including Bitcoin, for shops in mobile devices. You can find the list of payment options available, including payment via invoice, on their website:

Zencap acts as a marketplace that targets companies looking for loans, as well as investors seeking to invest money. The company has certifications of quality and trust, diverse awards, and it is member of the German SME Association.  Their services seem to be available in Germany only. Plenty of information is available on their website:

Last but not least, Weltsparen is a marketplace for German consumers looking for the best option where to park their savings and earn the best interests available. Thanks to the European-wide regulation in relation to Banking, consumers have easier access to bank accounts across Europe, not only in Germany. This way, they have access to higher interest rates that normally would not be available at home. Information is available under: 

We will be posting more Fintech companies present in Berlin soon. Stay tuned! Make sure you follow FintechValley to get the latest updates in your inbox!


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