Fintech in India

Indian companies and start-ups are also looking closely at the Fintech developments around the world. Just like the rest of South East Asia, India has also a booming e-commerce industry and online financial services are part of it. Here is a short list of Fintech companies providing services accross the Indian subcontinent.


Entrepeneurs and investors in India are looking at what Fintech companies are doing accross the world and are trying to replicate or adapt the business models

at home.

Bankbazaar is one of them. The website is a truly comprehensive marketplace for financial services such as personal loans, credit cards and all types of insurances. These are ranked and reviewed by consumers with an additional assistance and follow-up service by BankBazaar employees.  More information about the Chennai based company under:

Jocata, based in Hyderabad but with offices in Pune and in New York, provides KYC (Know your customer) and AML (Anti money laundry) services to the financial industry. They currently have 5 products for different needs for KYC and AML in their portfolio: CLEAR, CENTRA, STAR, AML on the Grid and MARCS. Read all about them and take a look at their services at:

Milaap is a loans platform for good causes. In their own words: “Milaap empowers you to create a lasting change. Loan a little, Change a lot”. There are many Indian celebrities and companies recommending and supporting the company, as shown on their website. More information about the Bangalore based company under:

PolicyBazaar is a marketplace for insurance, credit cards, investment as well as loans, and features also an app. The website seems to be part of a series of marketplaces and listing services (jobs, dating, education) that belong to a group of investors. The company is based in Delhi and its website is:

These are the Indian Fintech companies we have come accross so far. We are more than happy to make mention and list other Fintech start-ups and initiatives that you believe are worth writing about. Please feel free to contact us.


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