Fintech in San Francisco

Another city in the United States where there are many Fintech companies is San Francisco. In previous posts we have highlighted a couple of start-ups and companies innovating in financial technology in New York, so now we move to the West Coast to California where really innovative companies are trying to stir up the financial industry. Read on for our list:


Credit Karma is a San Francisco based company that provides free credit scoring to consumers and, based on these, the consumers will get offers from diverse credit card and loans services companies. Credit Karma also provides a Free App for Iphone and Android users. More information about

them under:

Epiphyte is a company that will launch in 2015 and will provide cryptocurrency services to financial institutions. There is not much information on their website at the moment, but there will probably be more as soon as their product goes live. Get to know more about them at:

One of the most popular crowdfunding websites worldwide, Indiegogo, is also based in San Francisco. Their portal is available in English, Spanish, German and French, and has dozens of product categories to choose for funding. Further information about Indiegogo:

LendingClub is also based in the bay city. The company went public less than a month ago (in December 2014), and according to Wikipedia, they are the largest peer-to-peer lending platform worldwide. Visit their site at:

Another Fintech company based in San Francisco is Planwise. They provide a platform that “…helps you see your finances more clearly”. Planwise also offers the platform to financial services companies to supply to their clients. Further information under:

More innovation in San Francisco’s Fintech scene can be found at “Ripple Labs”. The company is, in their own words, “an Internet protocol that interconnects the world’s disparate financial systems to enable the secure, real-time transfer of funds in any currency”. More information about Ripple Labs on their site:

In our previous post about Crowdpayments we have made reference to two further companies based in San Francisco:

Tilt, a service to gather or collect money from friends for specific ends (some NGO use the service to collect money for good causes).

Paybygroup, a company that provides a service to “Organize and collect money from friends and family for anything you dream of doing” according to their website. Further information under:

We will be posting more about the Fintech scene in San Francisco soon. However, we always welcome your suggestions about companies that you believe should be mentioned here. Please feel free to get in touch with us.


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