Fintech in Hong Kong

We present you some of the Fintech companies registered in Hong Kong. From Bitcoin to Trading, to Business Intelligence, the financial capital of Asia is also seeking its place in the Fintech industry worldwide. Read on for our list.


Just like in Singapore many international banks have their Asian headquarters in the megalopolis Hong Kong. It then does not come as a surprise that the city has dozens of companies that want to stir up and innovate the financial markets. And there are not only companies, but also Fintech events, accelerator programs, workshops, etc.

Are you looking for a Bitcoin ATM?

The company ANXBTC has one for you, as well as plenty of other services: a bitcoin debit card, an exchange platform, a mobile wallet, etc. More information available at:

A company present in diverse Fintech events around the world and with offices in Singapore, the Philipines and the United Kingdom is Advanced Merchant Payments. The company provides “short-term unsecured loans to small and medium-sized businesses”. Their website is:

Another company based in Hong Kong is DemystData. They provide data analysis technology to the financial industry. They also have an office in New York. More information available under:

The company Welab Holdings owns two services and is also based in Hong Kong: , a loans platform for Hong Kong residents, as well as , a mobile peer-to-peer lending platform for Mainland China.

The Hong Kong based company 8 Securities provides a platform for online trading. They have more than 50,000 customers around the world and also an office in Japan.  Read more about them at:

Xapo is a company that provides a bitcoin wallet as well as a bitcoin vault. They provide services in English, Spanish and Portuguese. They are incorporated in Hong Kong but based in Palo Alto, California. More about them under:

As mentioned in previous posts about Fintech Marketplaces, the Compare Asia Group has its headquarters in Hong Kong and owns diverse comparison websites accross Asia. Their Hong Kong website is:

Last but not least, the company Tranwall provides security and antifraud mechanisms for payments done via mobile devices. They also have offices in the Netherlands and in South Africa. Their website is:

Please let us know if you manage a Fintech (or work for one for that matter) also based in Hong Kong and would like your company to be mentioned here at Fintech Valley.
We are looking forward to your message and will get in touch with you right away.


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