Fintech in London

London is leading the way to become the Fintech capital of Europe. Today we present you some of the innovative companies based in the British capital: from Money transfers, Mobile Payments to Bitcoin companies. Read on for our list!


There are many Fintech companies in London covering diverse business models and niche markets. Here are the ones we have come accross so far:

The company

Aire provides Credit Scoring services to consumers. They have won many awards and nominations and have received accolades from the financial industry. More information about them under:

Currency Cloud provides cash management B2B services or “automation of payment cycles” as they describe it. Companies can program automatic transactions and payments via their tool, also around the world. Further information at:

The company Currency Transfer provides international money transfers at competitive rates, and the consumer can choose a broker with the best deal. It seems they do not touch the money but act like a marketplace. Learn more at:

Divido provides a platform to offer and manage online payments in settlements to consumers and retailers. The service includes not only the management of the transactions and email reminders but also the interests that can be applied to the payments. Their website is:

Funding Options is a marketplace for companies looking for funding of diverse kinds. From mortgages, refinancing, equipment, to cash advance and diverse sources of alternative financing. For the complete list visit their site:

As mentioned in previous posts: (about Fintech and Mobile Payments), the company GustPay and (about a practical case of Fintech cross promotion), YoYo payments, are also based in the British capital.

A very interesting Fintech in London providing white label banking services is the company Mambu. They market their services as a “cloud banking platform” for microfinancing organizations, credit cooperatives and other institutions. Read more about them at:

The company Myriada offers business intelligence services. They provide a platform that gathers collective intelligence for forecasting purposes. Read more about their project with the Financial Times on their website:

In their own words, the company OpenGamma offers a platform that provides: a “Real-time market risk management and analytics using an open architecture”. They also have an office in the United States. More about them under:

The Fintech company Squirrel provides a personal finance management tool to consumers. They market their service to other companies to promote “financial wellbeing and freedom”, according to their website.  Read more about it at:

Yacuna is a company that provides a platform for exchange of cryptocurrencies into Euro and British Pound.  More information about them under:

There are several companies providing Money transfer services. One of them is Transfergo, which seems to concentrate mostly in Eastern Europe territories.

The company Transferwise provides also money transfer services, targeted mostly to Western European markets. More about them at: 

These are some of the Fintech companies based in the British capital we have found at Fintech Valley. We welcome any suggestion about any other Fintech startups and firms that we have not come accross yet and that you believe deserve to be mentioned.

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