Fintech Companies in Singapore

Fintech Valley will present you some Fintech companies and start-ups in the Asian city-state. It is not a surprise that Singapore is a Fintech hub, as it is the base for many banks operating accross South East Asia, as well as the base of Asian operations for European and American banks. Read on for more Fintech activity in Singapore.


Singapore is a natural candidate to be the Fintech capital of Asia, together with the strong and market-friendly competitor Hong Kong.  We present you below a short list of companies that have their base in the South-East Asian financial center:

The Payment solution for South East Asia, 2C2P, has its headquarters in Singapore. They provide credit card and alternative payment solutions for the region. While it is not clear in which countries they offer services and in which they do not, they do have offices in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia and Hong Kong. More info at:

Apexpeak, with offices also in South Africa, offers credit and other financial services to assist with cash flow issues to SME’s in the region.  Further information under:

The company Auereus Analytics provides Analytics, Data Management and Business Intelligence products to Insurance, Banking and Healthcare companies. They also have an office in Mumbai, India. Their website is:

Capital Match is a company that also provides financing to Small and Medium companies. It is not clear from their website if it is a peer-to-peer loan or a credit from Investment Institutions. Their services are available for Singapore companies only. Information available at:

The company V-Key, which also has an office in California, provides services to make mobile applications secure. Their sophisticated services promise not to interfere with any user experience and his / her interaction with the app. More information under:

In previous articles about Gamification companies in Singapore, we have mentioned the following companies:

– PlayMoolah, they develop their games with the idea: “(to)…uncover the truths behind money and broaden the definitions of wealth beyond a person’s financial net worth to make wiser life decisions”. More about them under:

-MyheroGroup, with two Mobile Apps: TradeHero and FootballHero. Further information at:

– Innervative Learning, and their Mobile App: Oikonopolis. More information under:

Two Singaporean companies combining social networks and mobile devices, as mentioned in our post about Social Money or Crowdpay, are Fastacash and Cashmi.

Fastacash provides a solution that allows not only to transfer money, but also coupons and / or airtime for mobile.

With Kashmi users can send and receive money via their mobile devices and social networks. More info:

Last but not least, MatchMove, provides a comprehensive service that combines an e-wallet, a digital card, and a games portal. The services are available only to Singaporeans: 

We surely have missed plenty of Fintech Companies in Singapore. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to list your company at Fintech Valley or if you would like us to write an article about it.


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