Fintech Social Money or Crowdpay – your Friends, Money and you

Fintech companies are combining the ability to crowd money for a gift or to share a bill together with social network features and the user’s mobile device. Read on to get to know more about these companies and how they achieve this.


What is the result of the combination of money transfer, mobile devices, and social networks? The answer is Social Money or Crowdpay. At Fintech Valley we are for sure not the first ones to come-up with these concepts but we want to be some of the first ones to provide you with an overview of the companies that work with these technologies.

Here is a drop down of some of them, based in

Asia, Europe and in the United States:

The Singapore based start-up Kashmi allows the user to send money to his/her friends (and receive it from them) for any occasion, via Facebook or Email. The solution seems currently to be available only in Singapore and soon in Hong Kong. More information at:

The German company Cringle also offers the possibility to send and receive money with your mobile device and social networks. There is not much information about how it exactly works but it does show that a known German bank is behind the financial transactions. Further information under:

The London based company Payfriendz provides money transfer services between friends via mobile and the possibility of sending money to friends abroad and in a different currency.  Their website is:

Another German company called Kesh offers also the possibility to crowd payments and gather or request money from others. Another additional feature of the company is the possibility to pay via your mobile with some merchants in Germany. More information (in German only) at:

In the United States the company Paybygroup helps users to collect money between friends for specific ends. The user can define specific amounts to be requested from each friend or divide it evenly. The website of the San Francisco based company is:

The company Tilt, also based in San Francisco, gives you the possibility to gather money from friends and set-up a page. It does not have to be done necessarily via social networks. According to their website the services of Tilt are also used by NGOs to collect money. More information about them can be found under:

Going back to Asia, a company that we have mentioned previously, and also based in Singapore is Fastacash. They work with several payment providers and can also transfer other value goods: coupons, airtime, etc, together with digital content. If you need more information, visit their site at:

We have noticed how regulation, or maybe marketing is approached differently in the regions where these companies are based or operate from. The European companies mention and highlight openly the financial institutions that are backing them up. In contrast American and Singapore companies do not highlight this information.


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