Fintech Cross Promotion – Practical Case London YoYo Payments and Hummus Bros

We show you a practical case of how a London Fintech company and a Restaurant are using cross-promotion marketing techniques to increase their sales / and technology adaptation. What can other Fintech companies learn from these cases? Read on.


In London, not very far from the Bank of England, we came accross a Hummus Bros restaurant outlet (it seems they have several branches accross the city). Apart from the excellent food, what called our attention was the advertisement on the paper bag that contained the hummus: Yoyo mobile payments.

This can be a great and smart way to cross-promote and encourage the use of a new payment method and

, we learned later on the Yoyo website ( that they also consider themselves a customer retention program.

The concept of rewarding the consumer with points each time he / she makes a payment is new to us so far. We have analyzed more than a dozen mobile payments based on QR codes, and none have made this element their USP. This, in theory, could push the merchant and the user for a fast adoption of this technology.

In the streets of Berlin Mitte it is a common sight to see the POS terminals of SumUp, IZettle and Payleven. These, however, are not brands directed to the consumer but to the merchant.

Are there any other cities in the United States, Europe or Asia testing such Fintech cross-promotion strategies? Please do let us know.

In the meantime we also would like to give a special mention to wpid-wp-1419442916693.jpegHummus Bros. Their food is very tasty and combines the Mediterranean cuisine with some Latin flavour. The Guacamole dish is excellent.

The cross-promotion works both ways, as the restaurant is also looking for funding via Crow2fund.

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