Fintech and mobile payments – part two – innovations in payments

Fintech companies around the world are approaching mobile payments from different perspectives. In the part two of our reports about mobile payments, we describe further business models and the companies driving innovation. For our first post please click here.


As there are Fintech companies creating new and different ways to allow you to pay with your mobile device, there are also companies facilitating other companies to integrate mobile payments into their apps and mobile websites. One of these companies is Payworks. You can find more about the German company based in Munich at

The Malaysian company Tootpay seems to offer, not only a Mobile payment feature, but also a service that includes mobile banking, remittance, credit card payment, wallets, among other features. It seems the services are available

, according to their website, in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. More information at:

The service called MatchMove Wallet promises a service that includes a Virtual Card with the possibility of paying online, and even play games on their platform, however, it is not 100% clear what it is (or what it is not) and how it works. This service seems to be available to Singapore residents only. Further information under:

Another German Fintech company that is going further with their mobile payment services is Payever. The company is aware that in Europe the credit card is not the most accepted payment method as it is in English speaking countries,  and integrates alternative payments in their portfolio, Bitcoin included. More information at:

Additionally, we have of course the big innovators in Mobile Payments at the Point of Sale (POS):  IZettle and Square. The idea is simple: giving the possibility to accept credit card payments to small shops, and even mobile vendors. More information about Square here: ; more info about IZettle here: 

There are a couple of companies worldwide following the same business model. The German company Payleven ( is one of them, or the Mexican company SrPago (


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