What Fintech Valley wants to be

There are and there will be many more websites and sources of information about Fintech technologies, companies, start-ups, innovations, events, investors and investments.

Fintech Valley does not want to be yet another website amongst others but is pursuing to be your main source of information about all Fintech related topics.


How will we make this happen? What differentiates us from other websites ?

Let us explain first the difference in the nature of Fintech from other e-commerce industries or verticals.

Traditional e-commerce companies can be described as follows:

The main service for companies in the online entertainment industry, e.g., revolves around playing games online, watching movies online, listening to music online, etc. The user has free time and wants to be entertained.

In the case of the travel online industry , the services focus around a need for a person or persons to go from one place to another. It could be for fun, for business, for family reasons, for political reasons, etc. Therefore we have companies offering to book hotels and flights online, or the review and qualifications of these services, information about specific destinations, etc. The user wants to travel and needs these services.

Simple economics, offer and demand. Nothing new.

The needs and demands vary, however, from country to country, depending on how developed and tech savvy their population is. It also varies depending on how much risk their private sector is willing to take, how much capital is available for such risks as well as the regulations imposed by the government, and the will of such governments to be flexible with such regulations.

So when it comes to Fintech companies, this point is especially important for them. The services offered by Fintech companies revolve around money. Money and currencies, and precious metals, interest rates, savings, stocks, wealth, lending and borrowing, management, credit, cash-flow, commodities, etc. The regulations and approach for these matters differ greatly from country to country, as well as their tolerance for risk and new technologies.

At Fintech Valley we will give you insights and access to all these different markets, with their different perspectives and approaches to money and finance. You will find in Fintech Valley a fresh view and analysis on Fintech business models and companies around the world but with focus on Europe and Asia.

This is the difference and why we believe Fintech Valley will be your main source for Fintech news. Furthermore, we will be more than happy to hear about you, your company and about which specific topics you would be interested to read about.

Thank you very much for reading!


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