Fintech in Singapore – Gamification of Financial Education

Browsing through the different types of Fintech companies around the world, we have come across 3 companies that use gamification to teach the basics of finance, money management and investment. We are not sure if this is a mere coincidence, but these 3 are based in Singapore.


The first company we came accross is “playmoolah”. The Singaporean company put a focus on 3 different audiences: Kids, Youth, and Young Adults.  Their games are targetted to either one single audience, (ie. only for children) or also for two audiences (youth and young adults for example).

Their goal, according to their website, is “(to)…uncover the truths behind money and broaden the definitions of wealth beyond a person’s financial net worth to make wiser life decisions”.

The team behind “playmoolah” have won

diverse awards, among them: “SWIFT Innotribe Global Banking Innovation Startup Winner”, the “Coin Catcher” Babble’s Top 50 Apps for Kids 2012″, and have been finalists at the “2012 FinovateFall Financial Technology Innovation New York”.

Find more information about this Fintech company in Singapore under:


The second Singaporean company we have came accross is the “MyHero” group. The company has two products (apps) in the market: “TradeHero” and “FootballHero”, the first one being their most successful.

The App’s intention, according to their website, is to use virtual dollars to practice trading risk-free. “TradeHero” users can play and learn strategies for trading, learn from others,  win real prizes by joining sponsored competitions, etc.

There is not much information about the company on their website, but a quick search in LinkedIn shows that employees and management are located in Singapore as well as in China and in the United States.

Further information, if not much, at


The third Fintech Singapore company we found that uses Gamification, is called “Innervative Learning”. The company plans to target 4 different finance themes: Economics-Financial Literacy, Investments, Credit and Insurance. So far only one product, an app, is live.

This app is called Oikonopolis, in which, according to their site: “…Gamers play Economic policy-maker, allocating fiscal resources and conducting monetary policy to grow their cities into Economic Superpowers.” It seems, there is an app planned for each one of the themes, but there is no mention about when it will be launched.

“Innervative Learning” has participated in diverse events and contests, and was semifinalist in the “Innotribe Start-up Challenge”.

More information about the company can be found at:


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