Fintech events – Singapore Frankfurt Zurich and Istanbul

Besides the Fintech events in London and the Fintech events in the United States, there are also a dozen events taking part around the world. In cities like Singapore, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Mexico City, Johannesburg or Zurich, there are also plenty of Fintech events planned.

This post was written in December 2014, and the events we have listed below are the ones that have been made public so far. Probably there will be more announced in the first months of 2015.


In Frankfurt, Germany, a Fintech event was announced for March 19th 2015. More information is available under:

On the other side of the world, some months earlier, in Jakarta, Indonesia, on January 20th, 21st and 22nd, the Mobile Money Asia will be taking place.  More information at:    

The same event, but covering the Americas, will take place in

Mexico city. It will start on March 23rd until 25th. Further information at

Two months later, in May, Mobile Money will be happening in Johannesburg, South Africa, to cover the African continent. This event will be taking place from May 19th to 21st. Their  website is:

One month earlier in Turkey, in Istanbul, the event called IFINTEC Finance Technologies Conference and Exhibition, will take place. It is programmed to run from April 15th to 16th.  More information at:

Later in the year, in November, and from the series Mobile Money, another event will take place in Istanbul. The event is called Mobile Money Global. This event in the Turkish capital will take place on November 3rd to 5th. Further info at: 

Singapore-events-FintechThere are many Fintech events announced, but with no date fixed yet. One of them is the Mondato Summit in Asia and in Africa. The Asian version will happen in Singapore, whereas the African version will also take place in Johannesburg, South Africa. More information at:

There is another Fintech event planned for Latin America, the event is called Fintech Latam, but no date has been announced yet, nor where it will be taking place:

There seems to be a second event of Finance20 planned for 2015 in Zurich, but no further details have been announced yet.

Last but not least, there are two NextBank events planned for 2015, one for Asia and one for Europe, but there is no information at this stage about dates or venues. More information at:

If you know of more Fintech events planned for 2015, please feel free to let us know. If we have omitted or mistyped information about any event, please also feel free to let us knowin order to correct it.


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