Fintech company of the week: Mobidoo

We continue today with the FintechValley company of the week. As mentioned previously, we will choose a Fintech that in our point of view has an interesting and/or innovate product to offer to the market. (Our selection process, is based solely on our opinion, and does not involve and endorsement or recommendation of any kind).

This week we present you the Korean Fintech “Mobidoo”.

Mobidoo, has developed a “Smart Sound” technology, for, among other uses authentication, IoT, payments, or “sonic stamp”. According to their website: “it was created to connect all devices in the world. The technology, smart sound, contains and transmits information or any content through inaudible sounds enabling connection of all home appliances as well as smartphones”.

Here is a short video of their technology used for mobile payments in a Point of Sale scenario.

More information about their technology under:


Fintech companies in Hamburg 2018

We published some months ago a post about Fintech companies in Hamburg, in Germany. Today we post a second part with new finance related companies based in the northern German city. Here is a link to our first post.  We also have posts about Fintech companies in Berlin.

The portal is a B2C platform where consumers can compare diverse consumer-financing products and loans providers in the German market. Listed options are for Car loans, Personal loans, among others. More information (in German) under:

Also based in Hamburg is Tagwerk. The company provides an accounting online software for professionals in self-employment. Their website is currently in German only and focused in the German market. Check them out under:

Zinsland is a platform to invest in Continue reading Fintech companies in Hamburg 2018

Finance related Domain Names

We previously published a post about domain names for Fintech companies. Today we publish a second post about what we consider are further options for companies looking for a domain name fitting for the Finance industry.

If your business is directed to consumers, we have the domains .creditcard, .loan or .loans, .lease, and the generic, which can also be used for Finance services: .services or .solutions.

Is your business going more in the direction investment? You can find: .rich, .market, .exchange, and, of course: .investment.

If your Fintech business is more towards a Continue reading Finance related Domain Names

Fintech resources to learn more about finances: Podcasts, books and Forums

Today we wanted to share with you some sources of information if you want to learn more about specific Fintech topics: payments, finances, economics, bitcoin, investment, etc. Not all of the sources we present are in English, some are in German or Spanish.

One of our favourites is Planet Money in the USA. It seems to be one of the most popular Economics podcast in the internet. It has been going on for many years already and diverse personalities from the finance and economics world have been guests in their episodes. More about them under:

Some journalists who appear in Planet Money, are also present in our next choice: The Financial Times podcasts series. They cover diverse topics every week: Economics, Politics, Currencies, IT, interviews, savings, etc. There is a paywall to enter the FT, but the podcast section is free to enter. Check it out under:

Our next choice is a book about the history of Bitcoin, which is pretty easy and straightforward to read. I actually read it in a week. The book is called: “Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money”. The book was shortlisted in 2015 by the FT as business book of the year.

Moving now to videos, and in Spanish, we recently discovered the “Podcast” series +Dividendos. They started last year, and so far have a very interesting series about investment, dividends, portfolios, cashflow, etc. If you understand the language, we recommend you to pay them a visit in youtube:

In German, English and Chinese, we have . They are a social network for women interested in topics related to Finances (Investment, Savings, Funds, ETFs, etc) and Entrepreneurship. They also have two blogs, in German, covering the same topics.

One of the best sources, and very popular, for all related to online payments it The Paypers. Based in the Netherlands, they publish diverse reports every year with the latest trends about payments around the world. More about them under:

Last but not least, another favourite of FintechValley: Finextra. You can choose a daily email with the most important Fintech news, as well as Webinars and Interviews, or single emails with the latest and most important news from the biggest Fintech players worldwide. Check them out:

Do you have any other interesting Fintech resources we should mention? Feel free to leave a message below and let us know.

Fintech Company of the week: AirSig

Today we want to start a new series: the FintechValley company of the week. Every 7 days, we will choose what is for us a Fintech with an interesting or outstanding product. (Our selection process, is based solely on our opinion, and does not involve and endorsement or recommendation of any kind).

This week we present you the Taiwanese Fintech “AirSig”.

The company has developed a technology that allows to create an motion based authentication process. A payment process inside a virtual reality game can be verified with a pre-registered and pre-determined hand motion.  See video below for a demo:

There seem to be other applications for the technology, such as IoT technologies, as well as those that require login and password credentials.

More information about AirSig under:

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